Honouring our patron saint - Hori Tapu; The Great Martyr Saint George.

Today we honour our patron saint - Hori Tapu; The Great Martyr Saint George.  We fly his flag, which England colonised, to honour his story. In the Eastern Orthodox tradition he is named among the great martyrs for his courage and death standing against the Imperial order to both sacrifices to the emperor and to execute all those who refused to do so. There is a Muslim saying applied to George that says “The righteous act is to confront the tyrant”. George continues today to be an inspiration for Christians under persecution, especially Palestinian Christians who claim George as one of their own.
Today we will tell some of the stories of our life as a parish since 1962. As we listen to these stories and tell our own stories, we are invited to reflect on how we continue to stand with George confronting the tyrant. As we look to the challenges facing our communities today and as we stand in the tradition of St. George, what is ours to do?

Bread of Life Part 2.

Art for Life's Sake

On Friday after attending our daughter’s graduation in Auckland we went to the Gordon Walters: New Vision exhibition at the Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tāmaki. This has been put on as a partnership project between the Dunedin Public Art Gallery and Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tāmaki with support from the Walters Estate. For those who don’t know who Gordon Walters is, this is the official blurb from the website[i] “Gordon Walters is one of New Zealand’s most influential modern artists. Across six decades he explored the potential of a few simple geometric elements with a singular focus, creating works of exactitude and refinement. Gordon Walters: New Vision is the first comprehensive survey of the artist’s complete body of work and draws on paintings from major public and private collections across New Zealand. The exhibition provides an in-depth look into the history of Walters’ development, and reveals the different art forms which fuelled his vision and inspired the creation of his own u…

Bead of Life

This sermon can be listened to hereGate Pa – Year B  18th Sunday of Ordinary Time,
Psalm                          Psalm 51:1-12
First Reading:              2 Samuel 11:26 – 12:13                                                                     
Second Reading:         Ephesian 4:1-16                                                                                 
Gospel:                                    John 6:24-35  

What I want to say:
I want to explore how this series of reading help us into the Eucharist

The Sermon
Every 3 years we have this little interlude from Mark while we walk our way through John 6 – Jesus says “I am bread of life”
terrible trap for young preachers
danger use all our great ideas on week 1
-find have another 3 weeks to go (aue)
I’m not preaching for next 2 weeks so here goes

      2.History cf theology
what lectionary writers done is jump out Mark after story Herod’s depraved meal and John baptiser’s death