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U2 - Mount Smart, November 2010


Tikanga Youth Exchange

On Monday of next week I will be flying to Fiji with about 30 others from Aotearoa for Tikanga Youth Exchange and the launch of the launch of the Youth Yeah for the Diocese of Polynesia. All up 130 young people and leaders from 5 countries are expected in Suva for a week of learning about what it means to be a three Tikanga Anglican church, how we, led by God's Spirit have sought to incarnate the gospel in each culture that is part of our church, and yet seek to still be one together. Cool stuff.

Anyhow, there will be live blogs, picture galleries put up each day, and interviews with speakers and participants posted each day. Check it out. Keep up to date. Pray for us.


Welfare reform

the perils of being a cyclist

Three cyclists die on our roads this weekend. I am sure that both the drivers will be filled with remorse. Huh.
It is perilous riding on our roads because of the moronic driving of New Zealand drivers. It is amazing how many drivers insist on driving on the white line even when there happens to be a cyclist just on the other side of that line. Ride strong, the cyclist lobby group advises cyclists to ride on the road side of the white line. I did this on Monday last week, and it does force cars further out, and I then have the option of moving over. But why should I have to? I am sure if any of these drivers hit me they would bo very upset. Not as upset as me however. And they could avoid it by giving me space.

But it is also the idiots who overtake and then drive right over to the white line that scare me witless. A car was within .5m of me going very fast on Monday overtaking on a corner. It was so close, and so unnecessary. Just a peice of really really bad driving.

And then there a…

IAYN meeting in Mexico -Friday.

On Friday we met with all the Bishops of this Province, which was a really good experience. The Archbishop, The Most Revd Carlos Touché-Porter, chaired the meeting the night before with the young people and translated for us. He expressed his gratitude that we had chosen Mexico for our meeting. He commented that several groups  had cancelled their time here due to the media reports about violence. He also said that since they had become and independent province in 1995 they had experienced a very real isolation. (Until that point they had been part of the TEC) The sentiment was echoed by the bishops on the Friday morning. They were all genuinely interested in what the Network does and how it could help their youth ministry. We then met with the Provincial Secretary who was really supportive and offered to help us make contact with several provinces in South America to develop our links with them.
Some of us went out that night. I had an Indio beer in a glass with salt around the rim, a…

IAYN meeting in Mexico -Thursday.

On Thursday Douglas made us review what IAYN is doing and as a result we decided to develop a focus.
We discovered quite by accident (thanks God for the internet) while looking for something else that this year, right now is the UN International Year of Youth. So to help Anglican young people engage with this year, and to pick up the theme that has been a focus of several of the other Anglican Networks, that of eradicating gender based violence.
We began working on developing a resource called Ending Violence, which is basically one of the theological reflection processes I learnt as part of the Masters (the paper I did in 2004). On Thursday night we met with young people and young adults from Mexico City, all of whom are part of “the Happening” the youth version of Cursillo.  When Sally-Sue told them about this they were so enthusiastic. I was really taken by surprise. It helped me realise how institutional I can be. I kept thinking that the UN year “our year our voice” should/could b…

IAYN meeting in Mexico - Wednesday