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Walking From Pukehinahina to Emmaus and Back

The live version can be heard here Gate Pa – Year A 3 rd  Sunday in Easter, Readings: Psalm                          Psalm: 116:1-4, 12-19                                                                     First Reading:                    Acts 2:14, 36-41          Second Reading:              1 Peter 1:17-23                                               Gospel:                                Luke 24:13-35                                                                   What I want to say: What are our stories of the Battle of Gate Pa or WWI/WWII etc? Where is resurrection in these stories, or where do we see resurrection in light of these stories? The Sermon        1.      Introduction: Last Tuesday some of us gathered at one of the services held during the day to remember all who have fought overseas from these shores initially for British Empire then for Aotearoa-New Zealand Over these last few years we have particularly recalled the events

Christ the Stranger

This has been an important week for us at Gate Pa. On Tuesday we paused while we remembered all those who have fought and died for the British Empire and for this country. Some went voluntarily. Some did not. Many did not come home, and most who did were not the same as when they left. We paused to remember the huge cost to this land of our participation in conflicts since the Anglo-Boer War through to today.   We prayed for and longed for a world without war where God’s justice reigns supreme. On Saturday we remembered another war – the New Zealand Land Wars. In particular we remembered all those who fought here at the Battle of Gate Pa. We paused to remember the huge cost to the people of this of these battles. We prayed for and longed for a world without war where God’s justice reigns supreme. On Sunday we hear the story of two disciples on their way home to resume life in the grey hopelessness. On the way they meet a stranger who seems ignorant of their pain and the ev

IT BEGINS - a poem for Easter 2017

(This can be listened to here) It began well enough small at first but after some healings and moments of deep caring soon the crowds began to grow. As did the numbers calling themselves disciples. Those were heady days. He embodied God’s love for all who crossed his path even Samaritans. He lived the kingdom of God here on earth in the here and now. People touched by compassion, God’s generosity there for all. God’s promises lived out. God’s covenant to Israel fulfilled. We touched earth renewed and hoped. Sure, some left when  the teaching got too difficult - I mean - who wants to eat bodies and drink blood – and some left as the tension grew – no one likes hanging around on a cross. But mostly we stayed. It all looked so promising as Jesus rode the donkey down into the Kidron. We cheered and shouted “Hosanna to the Son of David.” the villagers cloaked and palm branched our way. Jesus the king riding on on