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The Upside-Down World of St Francis, an Ebook by Ted Witham

This book comes out of Ted Withams time as Minsiter Provincial for the Austrailan Province of the Third Order, Society of Saint Francis. In describing it's origins he writes,
"From Advent Sunday 2005 until the eve of Advent Sunday 2011 I had the privilege of being Provincial Minister for the Third Order, Society of St Francis for Australia, Papua New Guinea and East Asia. During that time, I travelled across Australia to meet tertiaries. My home Diocese of Perth also invited me to speak about St Francis and the spirituality of St Francis’s followers at the Weekends at Wollaston spirituality programme. My fellow-tertiaries in Western Australia also asked me to lead meetings and Quiet Days. The talks and seminars I presented have been adapted for this e-book. St Francis of Assisi was in love with God and a passionate follower of Jesus Christ. I pray that you will look beyond my words to the vision of St Francis and find fresh and provocative encouragement for your journey. Ted W…

Wake up and smell the coffee

Na te Atua te Reo Maori i takoha mai / Maori Language is a Gift from God | Rev Talk

Euthanasia: no choice for Maori | Rev Talk

Fighting for the right to not learn Maori - really?

Fighting for the right to not learn Maori? Shame on all of those involved in this story!
This news story appalls me on several levels. First that John Campbell even gave it air time. This did not need to be on our airwaves, and especially not during Maori Language week. This story is about ratings and pandering to the red neck community.
Secondly, Te Reo Maori is an official language of this country. It gives expression to the culture of the indigenous people, whose culture the rest of us are willing to trade off when it suits us, like doing hakas at sports events, using Maori design to highlight our uniqueness for trade expos, and for young kiwis overseas on their big OE. Te Reo Maori is part of who we are, and we should embrace it proudly and with enthusiasm.
In other countries people learn the official languages without too much bother. But not here. Here we have mono cultural people of European descent (I am not even sure I would call these people pakeha -  a name I apply to myse…

Social Service Sunday

Readings: Hebrew Scripture:          Micah 6: 6-8 Psalm:                          89: 20-37 Epistle:                         Ephesians 2: 11-22 Gospel:                           Mark 6: 30-34, 53-56
What I want to say: Anglican Social service is not just about the professional agencies that work under Anglican CareInvolves each and every one of usmotivation is not about helping others less fortunateoutworking of love live in as followers Jesusinvolves us as individuals and as missional communityUse Urban Vision to explore this
What I want to happen: people to engage their neighbours out of love
The Sermon 1.Introduction: joke – what do you call a fake noodle an impasta
This week social service Sunday Gifted by God: Inspired to serve what is that about? (gather responses)
lets have a look at some readings today see what they might say to all this

2.Gospel two weeks heard story of Jesus sending out of disciples, told them what to do instructions about casting out demons might make us feel uncomfortable    …

The week that is and was

Phew. This has been a big week. I had Monday off because that is what one is traditionally supposed to do if you are a vicar, and I was knackered!!!  A good day of sleeping, and a bit of gymning and taking the dog for a walk on the beach. Oh, and I watched some recorded TV. Awesome day.
Tuesday: mid week communion service, then meeting someone for spiritual direction (I am a spiritual director). Time for more coffee at that point. But no, a young woman and her cousin came to check out the church for a wedding. So, now coffee and after a very yummy lunch of left over Indian curry I met with the wardens to organise our vestry planning day. And then for there to a meeting with a group to work on a replacement for our parish administrator. A really big day. Lucky, after sitting on an exercise cycle and reading for 40 minutes I went with the "family" pub quiz team to the pub, and came second.
Wednesday: meeting someone for supervision (I also do ministry supervision). I then did …

An Honourable Way to Die - The Life and Times of John the Baptist