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The Divine Dance, Fr. Jack Winslow and Exercising our Franciscan Imagination

Thoughts by John Hebenton tssf   based on a homily given at the final Eucharist of the TSSF Asia Pacific Conference 2018 In New Zealand we currently have a programme called “Dancing with the Stars.” I have tried very hard not to see it, unless I have been tricked into watching it by the women in my life. It is not my favourite programme. In part I think because of the dancing. I don’t really get it. I don’t see the differences. The sambas and cha-chas and waltzes all look the same to me, which I think says something about the quality of dancing. Now if it was contemporary dance or hip hop I might be a bit more excited. During this conference we have been invited into the Divine Dance that is Trinity, the eternal dance that is at the heart of God. We have been reminded that in Andrei Rublev’s icon Trinity , also called The Hospitality of Abraham, we are invited to see ourselves and those around us within this eternal dance. And like dancing with the stars, there is more than o

Sufficient Success?!

This sermon can be listened to hear Gate Pa – Year B  10 th Sunday of Ordinary Time, Readings: Psalm                                     Psalm 138 First Reading:                         1 Samuel 8:4-11,16-20 Second Reading:                     2 Cor 4:13-5:1              Gospel:                                   Mark 3:20-35                           What I want to say: I want to look at what we think sufficient success on earth is and compare that to what it might have looked like for Jesus. In his story it meant being accused of being possessed by the evil one, described as out of his mind by his family, people leaving him because if got too hard, and then crucifixion. So what is sufficient success on earth for us? What I want to happen: People to talk about what is sufficient success on earth for us is? The Sermon        1.       Introduction: colleague posted on Facebook last week using pray


Life is tough for main line churches in this country and in many places the western world. Once we knew our place. We were respected. People looked to us for some kind of leadership. We had a place in society. But now things are tough. Apart from a few growing churches, most of us are struggling to hold our own. Many are not. We are struggling to work out our place and what it means to be successful. Actually most of the time we are struggling just to survive. And then we have this Sunday’s gospel reading – Mark 3: 20-25. This is Jesus being successful. And the response is mixed. Yes there are a significant number who want to be near and squash around him. But there are those who are much more sceptical. His family think he is out of his mind and want to rescue him from himself for their own sake. And the religious elite condemn him as in league with the evil one. Infatuation and scorn seem to be the response of Jesus ministry. And through it all he keeps living “God’s agenda o