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Christmas rush

Less than a week to christmas! In all the rush of dinners, prize givings, bike rides etc..., it is hard to remember that these weeks are a time of preparation to celebrate Christ's coming among us, and all that that might mean for us, for me. In this rush, where do I look for Christ? In religious places. in nice palces? Or on the margins, in the lepers, the poor, the insurgent? Where is Christ coming today? Not in one of our nice safe middle class churches, that is for sure. Peace


Yesterday I rode (for fun) 124km from my place, over the hill to lake Rotorua and then back again. As I rode I was struck by how many big cars and big suvs are on the road and for sale. Heaps. What is our passion for big cars? A lot of the car sale yards just stock these big fuel guzzling planet killing monstors! We so need to change our car habits. Having said that, these habits are changing. Bonnie and I are trying to buy a really economical (fuel wise) car, and not aonly are there not many about but they are expensive! It would be cheaper to buy a Previa or a big car. But we will keep looking. And despite the rain, and the moron in a four wheel drive (why are people who drive these things such morons?) nearly hitting me as he was overtaking going the other way (I have never cursed anyone so badly before - I was shaking so much after he passed I had to get off my bike before I fell off) it was a great ride through some great country serenaded by some wonderful bird song. now, if o