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Thomas the Brave!

This sermon can be listened to hereGate Pa – Year B 2nd Sunday in Easter, Readings: Psalm Psalm 133 First Reading:Acts 4:32-35                Second Reading:        1 John 1:1-2:2              Gospel:John 20:19-31             

What I want to say: Lets stop calling Thomas “Doubting Thomas”. It distracts us from what is going on in this story. The resurrection is God’s Big Yes to the way of the cross. In the way of the cross we are reminded that all people are made in the image of God and we are invited to see God’s image in all people. In the resurrection God is faithful to all the covenants, that through Israel humanity is renewed and creation restored. In the resurrection we are invited to live in the way of the cross
The Sermon        1.Introduction:I’m a big fan of Thomas I think he gets a really hard time – with this Doubting Thomas thing As someone said on Tuesday – poor Thomas This is the same Thomas who only a few days earlier when Jesus announced he was returning to Judea because his fr…

Doubting Thomas or Thomas the Brave