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I have been pondering the polarisation over the Progressive Lockout/Strike. Wayne Mapp's comments about why Steve Maharey should not help these "radical unionists". There was no sense of these being real people. And no compassion. We as church people are often just as lacking. Espeically with young people. We don;t see people, just youth, a group to work with. That is so NOT gospel. But we all do it. I do it. I am doing a course on Celtic Christianity, and am trying to write an essay on three modern cletic poets, RS Thomas, Anjela Duval, and Nuala Ni Dhomhnaill. I am so enjoying this, reading great poetry, and ebing encouraged to write more myself. you saw some of my efforts. Sadly I really needed to be writting the assignment. Peace John

a poem

YELLOW MAN Yellow man sits alone with his mortality an end too soon, too painful to hope, Deserted by both medical science and a wife who loves too much. Good bye cannot be said now. Yellow man sits in this empty place, a verse the only word. Bread and wine speak eternity crucified. he waits in silence.

Paris Hilton Punked

through Steve taylors blog site I found my way to this. Excellent fun really, as I don;t have a ot of time for paris. I find her annoying really, and to be frank, not that beautiful. rich yes! but not much else. so enjoy Peace

sorry for tony balir

I was watching Tony Blair on the TV today, and I felt so sorry for him. He looks so tired and grey. His world is crashing down around him. No longer the golden boy of British politics. Iraq in the end will cost him his job and his legacy. As many predicted or at least hoped it would be. I think he genuinely thought he could control the Whitehouse. But he had not show. They are far too wedded to the Pentagon world view for any hope of that. Now he has people in Lebanon demanding he leave, and not seeing someone striving for peace, by a war monger and someone directly responsible for the deaths of 1,000 Lebanese. Now he has members of his own party actively working to remove him. How come John Howard is the only leader of a nation apart from the US that has not suffered? As we remember the events of five years ago, it seems we have learnt so little. Terrorism will not be defeated by intelligence and violence, but by removing the causes of fear, anger and hate. When the Land of the free