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Manu rui

I have just finished running the second Manu Rui, a running worship for young people in an Anglican setting. It has been hard work, getting people there, and convincing those who come that Anglicanism has anything to offer young people. The Prayer Book and liturgical tradition are hard to sell. And in a way, they are right. It is not entertaining. It often does no offer instant feelings and responses. It is about spiritual growth and development over the long term, over life. It is solid and deep. Not quick, shallow and entertaining. But is was good being with even a few who were at least interested in exploring this. Here are some headings of what I think Anglicanism offers young people. Maybe I will say more some time. Flow – the flow on liturgy offers a much deeper worship experience that what we often offer young people. Ritual – there is a growing body of writing on the importance of ritual in changing how we see ourselves, each other and God. For example that rituals of Powhi

Some light entertainment

This was where I found it. There you go.

Apologies to Hillsong lovers

I some how found this today. It tickled my fancy. While slightly harsh on Hllsong, it does raise some of the issues I have with Hillsong and Parachute, to be honest. A fine line is treaded. cheers john