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Triune Mystery

This can be heard here Gate Pa Trinity Sunday 2015 Readings: Psalm:                                     Psalm 29         First Reading:                         Isaiah 6:1-8 Second Reading :                    Rom 8:12-17                            Gospel:                                     John 3:1-17                               What I want to say: To explore the doctrine of the trinity as something that leads us to God as multidimensional, ultimately mysterious, who invites us through the relationship within the Trinity to live by different principles. What I want to happen: people to contemplate the mystery of God, three in one, and to be more immersed in the life that exists within this mystery The Sermon 1.       Introduction: today is Trinity Sunday # (talk to you neighbours about how you understand the Trinity) # plenary day once again we stop take note             central piece Christianity             God is three and one which

Trinity Sunday!

Trinity Sunday! Every preacher’s nightmare. How do I make sense of the Doctrine of the Trinity? Understanding God as three in one is a central platform of Christianity. And it is really difficult to grasp. And we get it wrong a lot. it is so hard to keep the balance between Threeness and unity. I suspect a significant number of us really believe in 3 Gods. The way some Christians talk about the three persons of the Trinity has no sense of unity about it at all. For them the separateness of the three persons reigns supreme. And others in reality believe in one God and loose the Threeness. To say that God is one expressed in three modes (like water, ice and steam) is not Trinitarian either. God is one and God is three “persons”. The three persons of the Trinity each have their own work or mission. Only The Son was incarnate, lived among us and died on the Cross. Only God the Father is the source of all being. Only the Spirit enlivens and empowers us today to join in the ongoin

Wind Blown

Listen to this sermon here. Gate Pa – Pentecost Sunday 2015 Readings: Psalm                         Psalm 104:24-34, 35   First Reading:                         Acts 2:1-21                              Second Reading:                    Rom 8:22-27                           Gospel:                                    John 15:26-27 16:4-15            What I want to say: Explore the wonder of the languages, and the social justice basis for pentecost What I want to happen: People to be opened to the radical newness of what Pentecost is all about The Sermon      1.       Introduction: who felt earth move listened to Acts reading left feeling bewildered, amazed, astonished or perplexed? guess is none of us 2000 years hearing so familiar too familiar hearing different language from what occurred in             when occurred             what written in miss so much radical nature what Luke describes left with nice story need birthday