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The Big Picture Maybe?

This sermon can be listened to here   Gate Pa – 3rd Sunday in Epiphany - Year A - 2020 Readings: Psalm -                        Psalm: 27:1,4-9   First Reading -            Isa 9:1-4   Second Reading -        1 Cor 1:10-18   Gospel -                       Matthew 4:12-25   What I want to say: To explore epiphany as time of intentionally seeing the world differently (repentance) and living that out (call). What I want to happen: People to reflect on what has changed in how they see God, the world and themselves, and how they have responded to that The Sermon        1.       Introduction: For last few weeks been in season Epiphany - 6 January Begins with surprising story Persian Magi -           Astrologers (strictly forbidden under Torah) Come from Persia into enemy territory In search new king Find amongst poor of Bethlehem -           Small town outside Jerusalem è Unleashes violent reaction Herod the Great è Untold misery on people Bethlehe

An Epiphany of Love

The theme of Epiphany is God’s gracious love breaking into the darkness of this world. It began a few weeks ago with the story of Persian Magi – astrologers (condemned by Torah) coming to anoint a child from a poor Jewish family as king. If we are honest that makes no sense. This whole story makes no sense. That is the point. Epiphany is a time to let go of our assumptions about God’s love and how that love might be. On this Sunday in Epiphany we are offered Matthew 4:12-25. In response to John’s arrest Jesus withdraws and begins his ministry inviting people to repent. Too often we read repent as a moral command to turn from immoral living to more righteousness. But the Greek “metanoeite” is more accurately understood something like “Be of a new mind!” Or, perhaps as “Change your way of thinking!” Or most simply, “Wrap your mind around this!” Epiphany is about seeing the world, seeing God’s action in the world, and seeing ourselves in a whole new light. Literally. We hear the st