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DECLARATION OF THE CONFERENCE OF THE FOUR RELIGIOUS COMMUNITIES OF THE ANGLICAN CHURCH OF MELANESIA ON SOCIAL JUSTICE, HUMAN RIGHTS AND ADVOCACY Tabalia, West Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands, November 21-28, 2010 Beloved in Christ: From November 21 through 28, 2010, we, 152 members of the four religious communities of the Anglican Church of Melanesia, have met together at Tabalia, West Guadalcanal, the headquarters of the Melanesian Brotherhood, for prayer, biblical reflection, discussion and planning on issues of social justice, human rights and advocacy in Solomon Islands and beyond. We are members of the Community of the Sisters of Melanesia, the Society of St. Francis, the Community of the Sisters of the Church and the Melanesian Brotherhood. It is the first time in the history of the Anglican Church of Melanesia (ACOM) that the four religious communities have met together for such an event. We rejoice in the new friendship and cooperation that has emerged among us, breaking d

Welfare reform

To be fair, this article gives a little more detail than a NZ herald article I first read.   I do not oppose welfare reform per se, but I do oppose anything that reduces people to components of an economy, and that fails to acknowledge that nearly all those on welfare have been tax payers who deserve the care and support of the society in which they are a part. It should also acknowledge that most of the invalids and sickness beneficiaries would love to work again. Offering genuine help, rather than stigmatising, as some reports have done is the way ahead. I acknowledge that there are some people who have come to see their benefit as a right, and who have no aspiration to work for money. That is a problem, But most beneficiaries want to work, and should be treated with dignity and support. We are living through a recession at the moment. There are no jobs. So blaming beneficiaries for not working seems a little churlish at the moment. The proposals about Solo Mums do worry me. Ther

the perils of being a cyclist

Three cyclists die on our roads this weekend. I am sure that both the drivers will be filled with remorse. Huh. It is perilous riding on our roads because of the moronic driving of New Zealand drivers. It is amazing how many drivers insist on driving on the white line even when there happens to be a cyclist just on the other side of that line. Ride strong, the cyclist lobby group advises cyclists to ride on the road side of the white line. I did this on Monday last week, and it does force cars further out, and I then have the option of moving over. But why should I have to? I am sure if any of these drivers hit me they would bo very upset. Not as upset as me however. And they could avoid it by giving me space. But it is also the idiots who overtake and then drive right over to the white line that scare me witless. A car was within .5m of me going very fast on Monday overtaking on a corner. It was so close, and so unnecessary. Just a peice of really really bad driving. And then the