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Hope in a Hopeless World

Can be heard here Gate Pa – Advent 1 2015 Readings: Psalm                         Psalm 25:1-10                                                                         First Reading:             Jeremiah 33:14-16                   Second Reading:        1 Thessalonians 3:9-13                        Gospel:                        Luke 21:25-36                         What I want to say: To explore the notion of hope at advent as more than just Christmas and peace to all on earth It is ultimately trusting in God that all will be well, that all shall be well, that all manner of things shall be well. It is also recognising that we have a role to play in this hope. That God will not simply magic everything right. We have a part to play. And lastly that as we participate in this hope, we are being changed into people of hope – people who refuse to give into the fear and hopelessness and stands against the rising tide of constantly looking for scape goats to blame.

Advent Hope

Mark Davis   writes, “The apocalyptic waiting of the Advent season, is torn between avoiding rudimentary distractions and living with desperate faithfulness in a world where God is at work. And as disparate as those two options sound, they describe perfectly the dynamics of Advent 2015. In a world where environmental destruction is heating the planet and bringing threats of drought to one corner of humanity, we are invited to “Tech the halls” with new and improved gadgets. In a world facing the worst refugee crisis of the modern era, we are invited to focus on a “war on Christmas” over red coffee cups. In a world where terror chills the heart in one moment, pumpkin spice warms the body in the next.” Advent Hope Advent Hope is not a static thing. Like the evolution of hope between Jeremiah and Luke, our understanding of hope in God keeps evolving. Advent hope is also the reform of our present ways, the priorities we base our lives on, share our wealth, organise our communal l

The Reign of Christ in the face of horror

Listen to it here Gate Pa – Reign of Christ Sunday 2015 Readings: Psalm                          Psalm 132:1-12, 13-18            First Reading:                         2 Samuel 23:1-7 Second Reading:                    Revelations 1:4b-8 Gospel:                                    John 18:33-37                                                             What I want to say: What does the idea of the reign of Christ have to say to the events in Europe and the Middle East over the last few weeks/moths/years. Where might be the reign of Christ in all this? What I want to happen: People to be signs of the reign of Christ in Tauranga Moana and in the world The Sermon      1.      Introduction: Feast of Christ the King – or reign of Christ dates only from 1925 encyclical letter by Roman Catholic   Pope Pius XI thought in main part to be in response to growing nationalism and secularism [2] world increasingly fractured by national borders and interes