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Today I went to an ANZAC day remembrance service. I don't think I have been to an RSA one before. I only went because my daughter, as head girl of the local college was the guest speaker with the head boy. War for me is largely senseless. Most wars we as New Zealanders have fought in have been stupid, and badly managed. Even Gallipoli which sparked the whole ANZAC thing and gave us the date was run by a bunch of largely incompetent generals who let their men die needlessly. yet most of those who went did so believing the war was right. And they gave their all. So it is right to go and remember them, and what these wars cost them, and to give thanks I have never had to be in such a situation, and to pray and hope none of my children will ever have to go and fight in a war either. As I write this I am reminded of those 18 year old Israeli soldiers guarding the checkpoints on the West bank, all the time knowing that a suicide bomber could come and kill them. The hard line attitudes

Some ransom thoughts for Easter

In Memory of God! Three Questions for Easter o What image comes to mind when I think of Easter? o What image of God am I given in the Easter story o Who am I in the Easter story? * Introduction: In western church often think that Easter is just about salvation And for us that has come to mean having our sins forgiven through Jesus’ death on the cross and then rising again In church of first thousand years, and eastern church today salvation is process by which we are able to once again “cleave to God” -> Like child snuggles to a mother We once knew, but we forget. From this point of view for us to really be able to cleave to God Not only need our sins forgiven need to be retaught about who is God, and about who we are God does this re-teaching through birth, life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, especially the death and resurrection – Easter. purpose of Easter is much more than having our sins forgiven the equally important purpose of Easter is tea

Life: a Radical Adventure

I was asked to preach in the Cathedral in Porto Alegre in Brazil to start their youth month on the theme Life: A Radical Adventure. It is one of the only sermons I have ever written out in full; I needed to so it could be translated properly into Portuguese. It was also written for the first Sunday in Lent. So as we come to the end of lent and the great feast of Good Friday and Easter, I offer these thoughts. (It also seems a waste to not use all this work at least twice) Introduction We are here this morning to launch into a month with the theme, “Life, a radical adventure!” So what is life? What do we want out of our lives? Deep down, if we were honest, if we could have anything at all, what would we want out of our lives? Take a moment and answer that for yourself. Be honest. There are no right answers. If you want, talk to the person next to you about what it is you want. So take a moment to honestly answer, what is it you want for your life? If I spoke Portuguese, I might ask fo