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Fresh Horizons Conference

Last week I attended a two day conference looking at ministry to those in the second half of life. It was a really interesting event. There were a number of speakers. The keynote speaker was Rob Merchant who is a gerontologist, author and Anglican priest. Here are some reflections: It was a shock as someone in my early 50's to be lumped in with those in their late 60's and beyond. Actually I just thought that was silly. It also raised for me the question of how we take this age group, those whose children have left home or are about to leave home, (or have left home and then come back again) and who are getting nearer the end of this phase of a working life. I need to think more about that. It helped me become more conscious of the need to be as intentional in this ministry as in youth ministry. it isn't going to happen by accident. Having said that, one of the best sessions was taken by a Baptist church that has focused on the over 60's, and who listed some of

Eat me said Jesus

Year B - Ordinary Time 20 or Pentecost 12 August 19, 2012 Readings: Hebrew Scripture:    1 Kings 2:10-12; 3:3-14 Psalm:                        Psalm 111 Epistle:                      Ephesians 5:15-20 Gospel:                      John 6:51-58            What I want to say: When reading John the big question is “who is Jesus and why should we follow him/trust him/believe in him? It is important to not get stuck on the details, but to pay attention them and push through them to the truth that they point to. Use the two miracles at the beginning of this section to illustrate that. use that to explore what John might have meant having Jesus describe himself as the bread of life, and saying that people have to eat his flesh and drink his blood. God, in Jesus, will meet us in our deepest longing, and will satisfy that longing so that we might have life now in all its fullness. Use Maximilian Kolbe to illustrate the point What I want to happen: Re-read

Celebrating Clare of Assisi - and her example of Missional Community

  Gate Pa – August 12 2012 Readings: Hebrew Scripture:          2 Samuel 18: 5-9, 15, 31-33 Psalm:                             130 (confession) Epistle:                           Ephesians 4: 25-5:2           Gospel:                           John 6: 35, 41-51                What I want to say: Introduce people to St. Clare and some of her gift to the Franciscan story Use her story to explore the readings These help us understand the gift of being God’s people, a missional community What I want to happen: St. George’s people to more intentionally embrace being a missional people in how we treat each other and those we cross paths with, like Brian The Sermon 1.       Introduction: - who is Clare? Born 1193 or 1194? Great noble families Assisi Role was to marry as directed Always prayerful, spent significant time alms giving Refused two offers of marriage 1212 she heard Francis preaching and was so impressed that she determined join him in

First Funeral and other stuff.

This has been a big week. Too much going for. But I survived and hear I am Friday night blogging away. Sunday after church I got a phone call on my way home from the church from a funeral director. A really nice lady who has been receiving home communion for quite awhile had died. I had my first funeral. I have welcomed others into St. Georges to take funerals, but this was my first one. Actually I think it is my first one in about 20 years. So I was pretty nervous going to visit them. The whole planning thing was a big learning curve. I think it all would have gone better if I had had time in my office with my computer hunting resources down to take with me, and getting my head around what needed to happen. But it was Sunday, and didn't have time for all that. Having said that, I think it all went pretty well. It was a privilege taking the funeral. I liked this woman. I liked her daughters. I was an honour being involved and i hope I did them all justice. it was a really nice

Sacred Space | Your daily prayer online

I sometimes struggle to fine time to pray. This is one place that helps stop and make the time to pray in the business of the day. It is really good for those who struggle to have the place or space in their day. Another really good resource is Pray as you go , which offers an mp3 for each day, to be played on an mp3 player while journeying to where ever you are going, work or whatever, by public transport or in your own car.

Why on earth would we te reo Maori in our Sunday service?

  Gate Pa – 5 th August 2012 (the week after Maori language week – te wiki o te reo Maori Readings: Hebrew Scripture:          2 Samuel 11:26-12:13a Psalm:                                   51 Epistle:                 Ephesians 4:1-16               Gospel:                                John 6:24-35,      What I want to say: ask people why they think it is important to use te reo Māori in the service, or what questions they have about using it? Outline some of the reasons I think it is important: ·          welcoming for Maori speakers to hear their language ·          Te reo Maori is a gift from God, cultivated by our ancestors and bequeathed as a gift to all generations it behoves us to fill our hearts with what is good and just. ·          official language of Aotearoa New Zealand and as such deserves a place in our services o    partly because it is an official language o    partly Maori is used all around us and is part of our context ·