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Here we are - Christmas 2016.

This can be listened to here What is Christmas at the end of such a year? Such a year! endless complicated war in Syria and the war on ISIS Hidden wars in Yemen and South Sudan the dying goes on and with that the refugees millions and millions of refugees looking for hope. What do we do with so many? how do we welcome them care for them embrace them as our own? Yet, here we are a small gathering of hope in the gloom. The violence goes on terrorist acts – an easy term mass shootings occupations The death goes on Brexit Trump the world seems to have gone mad we appear to have lost our way surrendering what we once held dear. violent storms earthquakes shuddering our certainty the earth seems to be groaning in despair Yet, here we are a small gathering of hope in the gloom. And here in this land Godzone Land of promise and opportunity so many seem to have been left behind the cost of our comfort laid bare so m

Christmas has arrived.

Christmas has arrived.   In the midst of all the stress, hustle and bustle, what Christmas does mean for you? The medieval Franciscan theologian, John Dunne Scotus describes Christ as God's first thought. Not a rescue mission; not a response to anything humanity had done; but God’s initiative as part of the ongoing plan for all creation.   Franciscan priest Richard Rohr describes it as God's pre-emptive strike for love. How then might we describe Christmas? It is the coming of the Eternal Word as one of us, fully divine and yet fully human. It is God’s grand affirmation of creation and of humanity. Christ comes to remind us and all people that we are all deeply, profoundly, utterly loved. In response we are invited to base our identities and our lives on that one truth. At Christmas we are once again reminded that life is not about obtaining: possessions, houses, wealth, prestige, power, security, eternal life, or love; life is living in the love and life freely gi

God With Us

The preached version can be listened to here Gate Pa – 18 December 2016 - Year A  4 th Sunday in Advent Readings: Psalm                          Psalm: 80:1-7,17-19                                        First Reading:              Isa 7:10-16                              Second Reading:        Romans 1:1-7              Gospel:                        Matt 1: 18-25  What I want to say: explore “God with us” from Isaiah – what did it mean and what does it mean for us What I want to happen: This week our theme is love. During this week I invite you to take time at the end of each day to give thanks for ways God with us has both brought love  into your day; and through you brought love  into the lives of others. I also invite you to reflect on what has led you away from love. The Sermon      1.      Introduction: A man was sitting on the edge of the bed, watching his wife, who was looking at herself in the mirror. Since her birthday was not far of