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Rebekah doing her thing


Freeing God and ourselves from the Box

  Gate Pa – 30 th Sunday in Ordinary Time, year B 28th October 2012 Readings: Hebrew Scripture:     Job 42:1-6, 10-17   Psalm:                          Ps 34:1-8; (19-22)         Epistle:                         Hebrews: 7:23-28 Gospel:                        Mark 10:46-52             What I want to say: I want to talk about Wisdom literature, which largely comes out of the experience of God seemingly abandoning the believer, or even worse, becoming an enemy. I want to suggest that the result of their observation of life, of the good and the bad leads them to suggest that the key is fear of the Lord. This is not being afraid of God, but being like Job, recognising that God is beyond our understanding, and so is the relationship with God. It cannot be defined and contained. It simply invites us to place God in the centre of our lives and to live from that centre. It is this the disciples are struggling with in this central section of Mark. They keep wanting J