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New site with resource material on it

I have set up a cheap and nasty site with several of my longer pieces on it. This includes the Lenten meditations I described in an earlier posting, and my essays on Julian of Norwich and Spiritual direction, human development theory and youth ministry, problematic faith development and counseling and spiritual direction, and my research assignment on the place and nature of spiritual direction and young people. it is all there to be used. enjoy John

A dream of an Anglican Church filled with young people

At our General Synod this year the youth report was based around three questions: What is our dream what are we doign to help us get there what is preventing us that we need to find ways to overcome. So, here is our dream etc.... A Dream of the Anglican Church in 2014 · We are renowned in the wider community for our work among young people · We are heading towards a flat line across the demographics in the 2016 census · Anglican church in its words and actions places ministry to the under 40’s as it’s number one priority including: o Funding o People resources o How it uses its buildings o Education o Ministry · youth ministry and young people are not separated from the life of the whole church – it is not a Nippon clip on, but are seen as integral and vital to the health of the wider church – the reverse is also true · That youth ministry is about ground root relationships and that all people are developing relationships with young people. · Parishes take ownership of ministry among

New Crumbs Publication - Culture Yeah Right

The new Crumbs Publication is out. And it is great! Culture Yeah Right, is a collection of essays written by the speakers at the Big E Youth Workers Training Event held in November 2004. It explores the nature of culture, and how we need to be working to allow our Anglican tradition to engage with the changing features of the cultural context that our young people live in. This book also comes with the DVD’s of the Big E sessions. It has long been held by some of us who have been involved in youth ministry for a number of years that youth ministry practitioners in this country have a lot of experience and wisdom to offer both here in Aotearoa-New Zealand and the international youth ministry scene. Despite this little has been published from this part of the world, and clergy, youth workers and youth leaders in Aotearoa-New Zealand continue to look overseas for resources for doing youth ministry. Over the last few years the Churches Youth Ministry Association has been working to ge


I have just finished my last assignment for the Pastoral Function of christian Doctrine. This was the practical one. So I did a series of lenten meditations based on St. Augustine of Hippo's On the Trinity. It came out well in the end. Here in the intro and process so you can get a feel for how I did it: Lent has traditionally been a time of fasting, reflection and prayer in preparation for the great story of Easter and the celebration of the salvation offered to all humanity through those events. This set of 40 cards is offered to be used over Lent as a tool to help in that work of preparation. They are tools for prayer and reflection. They are not the traditional Lenten study guides. Through these cards you are invited to pray with St. Augustine of Hippo’s great work On the Trinity, in particular Books XII to XIV. There is a card for each day of Lent, Monday to Saturday. There is no card for Sunday as Sunday is not a fast day. It is always a feast day because it is the day we c


A friend blogged about the Archbishop of Sydney (Anglican, just) sermon/speech in Christchurch. Some thoughts in response to Michael and Phil Jenson. I am disturbed by the constant "evangelical" assumption that justice issues are somehow a side issue to real theology and the gospel. I have no idea what bible they read. But the one I read is all about justice. Any theology that does not place God's justice at the centre is of little use and is hardly biblical. So Phil, maybe if you got your theology right, then maybe a lot of the crap going on would stop and we could have some real conversations. I have a lot of time for Michael's observations and thoughts. He and I are very similar. But the stuff about homosexuality intrigues me. Why, because it barely gets a mention in scripture. Heterosexuals misbehaving gets much more press. People using their power, position and money to oppress others, well now that is a real biggy. But do we get upset when adulterers are ordain

O what a misty night!!!

O how bizarre. the mist rolled in and you couldn';t even see the game. Played into the Crusaders hands, as they have some of the best kickers in the game, and the ball literally dissapered into the mist. But in the end they deserved to win. However, despite having all the ball and all the territory, they won by a solitary try. Well done the Canes!!! What dissapointed me was we didin't teh backline tustle I was waiting for. When the Canes kept the ball and ran it they were dangerious. But it just didn't happen enough. Hei aha!! We have showed though we now have the team to win this thing. Roll on 2007