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Being Free to Choose the Better Way

Rest Home Ministry

Today I had a meeting about ministry in Rest Homes. I missed a lot of it because when I put the thing in my outlook I clicked the wrong time. How annoying!!

One of the things that still surprises me is my growing respect for this ministry. Once a month I take a service at a Psychogeriatric and Dementia Hospital. When I first came here this was one the things I enjoyed the least. I saw the importance of it but did not enjoy it. I dreaded the day each month I was due up there. I felt really uncomfortable taking the service. I just did not enjoy being there.

A couple of months ago I was greatly surprised to find I now look forward to going. I am really not sure what changed for me. But I find ti a profound privilege to lead a service and to offer communion to some of the residents, to family members who are with them and to staff members as well. It is a privilege to offer words of hope, and pray God's blessing on all who live, visit and work there. God does work in mysterious ways.

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