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God is with Us - the sermon

This sermon can be listened to here
Gate Pa –  4th Sunday in Advent - Year A - 2019
Readings: Psalm -                        Psalm: 80:1-7,17-19 First Reading -             Isaiah 7:10-16  Second Reading -       Romans 1:1-7 Gospel:                        Matthew 1: 18-25 What I want to happen: Ahaz acted out of fear and refused the sign of a young woman giving birth to a son named Emmanuel. He could not see the sign of this child being less than two when all he feared was eradicated. But others remembered and retold that story, in exile, on their return, and then at the birth of a new baby named Jesus. God with us invites us to not act out of fear, despair, and longing for all that was. God with us invites us to live in hope in whatever situation we find ourselves.
What I want to happen: What does “God with us” look like in Jesus?
What does “God with us” mean for us today?
The Sermon 1.Introduction: This week we hear Matthews version of the Christmas story Very different from Luke ·What is differe…

Peace and all good this Christmas