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God is with Us - the sermon

This sermon can be listened to here Gate Pa –  4 th Sunday in Advent - Year A - 2019 Readings: Psalm -                        Psalm: 80:1-7,17-19 First Reading -             Isaiah 7:10-16    Second Reading -       Romans 1:1-7 Gospel:                        Matthew 1: 18-25 What I want to happen: Ahaz acted out of fear and refused the sign of a young woman giving birth to a son named Emmanuel. He could not see the sign of this child being less than two when all he feared was eradicated. But others remembered and retold that story, in exile, on their return, and then at the birth of a new baby named Jesus. God with us invites us to not act out of fear, despair, and longing for all that was. God with us invites us to live in hope in whatever situation we find ourselves. What I want to happen: What does “God with us” look like in Jesus? What does “God with us” mean for us today? The Sermon 1.      Introduction: This week we hear Matthews v

Peace and all good this Christmas

each year our path is littered with moments events that bring great joy gnawing frustration deep sadness and crippling fear may you rest this Christmas in your path knowing God’s goodness in each hear the invitation to not be stuck in these moments lost in the what ifs and if only know that it is! so get up go   take all that you are your joy and sadness your wonder and frustration your hope and fear into the world share it in the street find others who too are filled  treasure these moment let go of these moments and embrace the next for there you may live love May this Christmas bring a renewed sense of God’s joy, and the New Year God’s peace and goodness for all creation.