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A Plain Sermon?

Gate Pa – Year C  6th Sunday in Ordinary Time,

Psalm                   Psalm 1                                        
First Reading:      Jeremiah 17:5-10                                             
Second Reading:  1 Cor 15:12-20                                                 
Gospel:                 Luke 6:17-26    
What I want to say:
To explore Luke’s version of this block of teaching and asking, why is it on a plane and not on a Mount, and what Luke might have thought “blessed” meant compared to what we too easily think it meant. And lastly where do I fit with all of this – I think I am numbered in the group being “woed” and warned.
What I want to happen:
People to reflect on where they fit with all of this and what that might mean for them as they approach this Lent

The Sermon
don’t hear these readings often in church
apart Psalm 1
Easter is about as late as it can go
earliest possible date for Easter is March 22 and the latest possible is April 25.
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A Plain Sermon

We don’t get to hear these readings very often, which is a great shame. We do this year because Easter is so late we get a few extra weeks before Ash Wednesday. Luke’s “Sermon on the Plain” is a great piece of teaching, and stands in contrast to Matthew’s “Sermon on the Mount.” The setting is important – not a mountain top but a plain. Biblically plains are both places of corpses, disgrace, suffering, misery, hunger and mourning[1]; and places of renewal and hope as promised in Isaiah and Ezekiel. Jesus stands on this plain in the midst of broken people; poor, sick, hungry, shamed. To these Jesus repeats his message from his home town, the message proclaimed by his mother. He declares these people blessed, honoured, of great importance. And he warns those whose comfort, wealth and sense of entitlement is built on their poverty, the ones usually seen as blessed, to change their ways. Luke is writing to the supposedly wealthy Theophilus to tell the story of how the reign of God is presen…