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Called to ???

Hebrew Scripture:          Isa 9:1-4                      Psalm:Psalm: 27:1, 4-9                                              Epistle:                            1 Cor 1:10-18          Gospel:                            Matt 4:12-23                         
What I want to say: Invite us to let go of some more theological assumptions and to explore the nature of call from a fresh perspective What I want to happen: People to reflect on their own calling and ministry in light of this story from Matthew The Sermon       1.Introduction:how do you experience God’s call? what are we called to?         2.Matthewclassic call story heard this morning comes after John arrested         Jesus does two things                         gets out – moves to another place                         carries on Johns ministry (although to be fair we never hear him preach repentance in all Matthew records) then starts inviting people join him. seems have dragnet approach – asking any old person comes across any notic…

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Letting Go of our Theological Baggage

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