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Anglican Worship, a relic of the past?

One of my colleagues sent an email out today advertising the up coming Manu Rui training event in Christchurch.

One of his youth pastors replied as below. I include it as it raises some important issues, and I also include my response.

My kids would have no interest in this at all; their
focus is simply not on denominational breakdowns and focii. As a church we need
to focus on WHERE OUR KIDS ARE (ie not in Anglican churches) and visit there,
rather than trying to get kids to visit us (worship wise or
whatever). We've been around hundreds of years and kids have voted with
their feet.
Modern youth ministry is totally ecumenical
(ie easter camp, 82 youth groups), so this is not something I would spend time
on myself.
I agree there are treasures, and I personally value
aspects of Anglicanism, but not at a youth level. We struggle even
having "readings" (even in modern version); our kids want increasing
informality and less heritage. They collect the latter later in life, when
they h…