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This week’s gospel reading ( Matt 14:13-21 ) is another well-known story. We might feel awkward that only the men are countered but it is what it is. And we might also have some good ideas about how Jesus did feed so many people. We might also miss the context of this story, the two devastating events that precede this story, and in doing so miss the contrasts that run all the way through. I wonder if you have read the stories between this week and last week. The story begins with Jesus leaving all in search of a place to be with his grief and anger over the death of his mentor, teacher, even friend. John has been beheaded and Jesus needs time alone. But this huge crowd, bigger than any town except the major urban centres, have gone to find him. Maybe they too are filled with grief and anger and they look for hope in this man. And so Matthew tells us that Jesus meets them. We might be tempted to say he has pity, but pity is too nice a word. This is deep gut wrenching empathy. It

Building the Kingdom in the most surprising places

Gate Pa – Social Service Sunday 2014. Readings: Psalm:                                  105:1-11,45b First Reading :                    Gen 29:15-28                                        Second Reading :              Rom 8:26-39                               Gospe l:                                Matt 13:31-33, 44-52                                                                                                                    What I want to say: The Kingdom of Heaven is presented as being like a weed, like a woman hiding yeast in flour, like a tenant farmer finding treasure and somehow buying it, like a merchant selling all his stock to purchase a pearl of great price, like a fishing net dragging ALL in. It is not what is expected, not where it is supposed to be, not doing what it is supposed to be doing. it is just not what we are looking for. So are we the blind ones Jesus keeps talking about? So, we are invited to look for signs on the kingdom in places

Social Service Sunday

This Sunday is Social Service Sunday, a day set aside to remember, celebrate and pray for the work of Anglican Care and its work in the community. It is easy for us to think that the Salvation Army are the big Christian provider of community work, but it turns out us Anglicans are much much bigger and involved in a lot more communities. We just don’t get the press. This year the theme is building community. This ties in nicely with the Gospel reading, which has Jesus continuing speech on images for the kingdom of heaven. Our other readings are also helpful in understanding this theme. The psalm reminds us of the eternal faithfulness of God through retelling the history of the people of God. A God who builds a new people. We are called to that same faithfulness, and to follow the model of our God who remembers. When we build community we are faithful. Paul in his letter to the churches in Rome reminds us that the Spirit of God is yearning for us and within us, yearning for true

I’m sorry for being a man: sorry boys, it is all men. | First We Take Manhattan

I've listened to alot of the crap recently about David Cunliffe's apology for being a man. People who really didn't find out much about where he said it, or why he said it. Just jumped on the band wagon. Which of course is where most of our media and most people seem to be. Which is sad. Because what David Cunliffe said was right. In the context he was speaking, a context of women abused by men, it needed to be said. And until we can be that honest, not much will change really. Thank you Graham for your thoughtful words on this issue

Being Rooted in God

15th Sunday of Ordinary Time Readings: Psalm:                                 Psalm : 119:105-112                                                                :  First Reading :                     Genesis 25:19-34                                 Second Reading :              Romans 8:1-11                                                                          Gospe l:                                Matthew 13:1-9, 18-23                                                                                  What I want to say: That today’s readings help us explore being blessed to be a blessing. In the story of the sower we are offered picture of a recklessly generous god who sows seek life wherever. While we can read the soil types as different people, it is also us. We are a mix of soils. And that reckless God keeps on scattering that within us. What I want to happen: How do we nurture our good soil and help that seed grow, that we might be a blessing The