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Where is our heart?

This can be listened to here Gate Pa – Year C 18 th Sunday of Ordinary Time, Readings: Psalm                          Psalm 107:1-9, 43       First Reading:                         Hosea 11:1-11                         Second Reading:        Col 3:1-11                                Gospel:                        Luke 12:13-21                         What I want to say: Where we stand affects how we read this story. Explore some different ways of reading this story bringing it back to ‘how do we honour God’s name?” The Sermon      1.      Introduction: This time 3 years ago I was on Savo Island             explore what that was like In church I was by far the wealthiest person present I was the rich man in the story how do you preach this story from that position? Is there more than one way to understand this story?      2.      How do you read it? few weeks ago we heard Jesus ask lawyer “what does the law of Moses say? how do you read

What makes our lives worthwhile?

The gospel story for this Sunday has been called, by at least one commentator, the parable of the foolish barn guy. In our lectionary the second half of the story, Luke 12:22-34 have been left off. It is helpful to read these verses as well. At its heart this story is about where our heart is, or to put it another way, what is it that gives meaning to our lives? How do we judge our lives to be worthwhile? For the barn guy it was his own comfort and sense of importance – those big barns are not just to store things but to show how much he has? But in Luke we have already heard the parable of the Samaritan outlining what Jesus and Luke thought that measure should be. So what measure do we apply to our lives? What makes our lives worthwhile?

A Shocking Story about our Neighbour

  Gate Pa – Year C 15 th Sunday of Ordinary Time, Readings: Psalm                              Psalm 82 First Reading:             Amos 7:7-17 Second Reading:         Col 1:1-14 Gospel:                       Luke 10:25-37 What I want to say: Explore the Good Samaritan story – that it asks who our neighbour is – who am I willing to be a neighbour to? Who am I willing to be my neighbour to me? The Sermon      1.      Introduction: My mum is part of a house group take it in turns to host the group -          mum always happy to do -          also have to lead the bible study I remember talking to her about this morning’s gospel story of good Samaritan she was just checking out that it was all about how to be neighbourly which I suspect is how often undertood in some ways it is but who are we to be neighbourly to? that is the question      2.      who is my neighbour? That is the question we seem to be forever struggling with