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A Crisis

This can be listened to hear Gate Pa – Year B  2 nd Sunday in Lent, 2018 Readings: Psalm         Psalm 22:23-31                                                                           First Reading:                    Genesis 17:1-7,15-16                      Second Reading :              Romans 4:13-25                                Gospel:                              Mark 8:31-38                                       What I want to say: Explore changes in our sense of who we are using the story of Abram and Sarai, and Marks Gospel and Peter. So who are we invited to be if we stand where Peter stood. What I want to happen: People to reflect on how the Mark story challenges our sense of who we are in Christ when Jesus says “take up your cross and follow me” to us. The Sermon        1.      Introduction: 6 years ago last week I had an astounding experience my sense of self undertook severe shak

Who are we as followers of the crucified one?

Who are we as followers of the crucified one? How are we to take up our cross and follow? What are we to put down first? William Loader [1] says of our gospel reading, “Clearly we are being offered an alternative model of being. It is for our gain, in our interests, to consider it. That is the appeal.… Instead of thinking only of ourselves and believing that it is to our good to gain wealth and avoid any path which leads to suffering, we are being challenged to be generous, giving of ourselves, even when it may mean suffering. The first image of ourselves and our good is to be set aside; instead we are to embrace the way of Jesus, of self giving love. Then we will find ourselves, our true selves. The merging of our will and being with God’s will and being, and therefore with love which cares for others as well as for ourselves, is the way of discipleship. It is also the way to real humanness - and the way of Jesus, and ultimately also of God!” May this lent continue to be a t

Lent and Such

This sermon can be listened to here Gate Pa – Year B  1 st  Sunday of Lent 2018 Readings: Psalm                         Psalm 25:1-10                                                             First Reading :                         Genesis 9:8-17               Second Reading :        1 Peter 3:18-22        Gospel :                        Mark 1:9-15                            What I want to say: I want to explore Lent – it’s origins and what it is about. I then want to look at whey we might get into Lent – to what end do we pray, fast and give – using the three questions. I want to What I want to happen: What do we hope for this Lent as we pray fast and give – using part of Pope Francis’ Lenten Epistle. The Sermon        1.      Introduction – What is Lent? this week some of us ate fantastic pancakes – thanks Ainsley and her team some of us had ash crosses placed on our foreheads It must be Lent I