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I really enjoyed the whole Easter journey this year. Our vicar got sick on Maundy Thursday, and I ended up doing all the Easter services, which I really enjoyed, even if I lost my cruisy Easter break. It was nice to journey, first from Palm Sunday, and then through the holy week (including a service of prayer and confession on the Tuesday night) and a Seder service and meal (including foot washing) on the Thursday night. This was my first service, and I then went on to "take" a reflective service on Friday morning and a Tenebrae service on Friday night, using PowerPoint and based on the Stations of the Cross. Really powerful. Then the service of light on Saturday night, and the two celebrations on Sunday, for which I wrote the sermon/poem below. This sermon was inspired by a sermon two young people in our Diocese preached at the closing service in the Cathedral for our Top Parish weekend. They prepared really carefully, and delivered it dramatically, constantly interacting bo

A Reflection on Easter

A Reflection on Easter Easter 2008 They huddled Numb Exhausted Stuck Filled with grief Filled with guilt Disbelieving Desperate Overwhelmed by darkness, sin, and death They wait Powerless Angry Afraid Hopeless Helpless Unsure Uncertain Where is God in all this? Why has God forsaken us? Wanting to bury the crucified one The disciples, Men and women Wait Are waiting The night never seems to end We too are numb Exhausted Huddled in our fear Stuck Sometimes filled with grief Sometimes with guilt Disbelieving Desperate Overwhelmed by darkness, sin, and death We too are powerless afraid angry: boy racers Taggers Gangs Murdering youth Those who do violence Those who seek to stop violence P Home invasions Terrorists The United States Suicide bombers Iraq Iran Palestine Afghanistan Israel Tibet The list goes on The government Politicians The tr