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Finding Life in Dark Times

This sermon can be listened to here Gate Pa –  5 th Sunday in Ordinary Time- Year A - 2020 Readings: Psalm -                        Psalm: 130   First Reading -             Ezekiel 37:1-14   Second Reading -       Romans 8:6-11   Gospel -                       John 11:1-45     What I want to say: Our lives have been turned upside down. We are having to rethink how we live our lives. We are in a strange new land for the next few weeks at least. How are we feeling after a few days of lockdown? How are we feeling with Covid-19 around us? Ezekiel was given a vision for those whose lives had been turned upside down, who were having to rethink how they lived their lives. They were in a strange new land. Martha and Mary, with the death of their brother Lazarus, had their lives turned upside down and were faced with having to rethink how they lived their lives. They were in a strange new land. What I want to happen: What does it mean t

Some thoughts in lockdown inspired by Ezekiel and Lazarus

Theme for the Week On Wednesday night last week, vestry discussed how we might continue to be church if and when we were put into lock down. I am now very grateful for that conversation. A lot has changed in 9 days. Covid-19 is now being transmitted in the community and we are in lock down. For many of us this is a deeply unsettling time, full of uncertainty and fear about the future, either because of our work situation, our health or our age; or some combination of the above. Just when we needed the support of our church family we can no longer gather. But church is NOT cancelled. Lockdown means that we must find new ways to be church. Church is not just the gathering on Sunday morning at our services. Our gatherings are important, but they are not the point. The point is that when we gather, we remember we are God’s community. Together we are shaped by the words of the liturgy (most of which come from scripture), the scripture readings set for that day, maybe the sermon,