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The Binding of Isaac

Gate Pa – Pentecost 3 2014
Psalm:                                 Psalm: 13
First Reading: Genesis 22:1-14                                                
Second Reading: Rom 6:12-23                                            
Gospel: Matt 10:40-42                                                               

What I want to say:
This is a very hard but important reading. In it we are given a glimpse of the angst within the Godhead around the Jesus event, and an image of the faith, love, trust and hope we are invited into as followers of the way. Briefly look at others who have lived out that life.

What I want to happen:
People to grow in faith, love, trust and hope
The Sermon
Our first reading from Genesis is hard story
hoping that when wrote theme for pew sheet I could leave it alone and focus on Matthew
as week went on
felt too hard and too terrible to ignore
seems offer picture God who requires child sacrifice
                demands too much of Abraham
pictures A…

A very difficult story

Standing on Te Ranga, longing for a better way.