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This is theme for last weeks readings. I was away at Synod and Bonnie Hebenton wrote this and preached. I am sorry to have missed what she said. Matthew brings God’s generosity into focus in today’s gospel reading. The words 'genius' and 'generous' come from the Latin root 'genere' meaning 'to beget, give birth to or bring forth.' To have a genius for life is to possess the ability to generate warmth and well-being in others. Largess literally enlarges our lives. Have a look at what some thinkers and theologians of our time have to say about generosity. Henri Nouwen in Sabbatical Journey writes "I think that generosity has many levels. We have to think generously, speak generously, and act generously. Thinking well of others and speaking well of others is the basis for generous giving. It means that we relate to others as part of our 'gen' or 'kin' and treat them as family. Generosity cannot come from guilt or pity. It ha

A Grave Responsibility

Gate Pa - Twenty-sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time ( Pentecost 16) Readings: Psalm                          78:1-4, 12-16                                        First Reading:                          Exodus 17:1-7                         Second Reading:        Phil 2:1-13                               Gospel:                         Matthew 21:23-32      What I want to say: I want to explore the question posed to Jesus bny the Jersulaem leadership about his authority using material from Rob Bell’s “Velvet Elvis”. In doing so I want to suggest that not only was Jesus acting as a revisionist Rabbi (You have heard it said, but I say to you….) but in giving the early church the power to bind and loose, gave the early church and its successors the authority and the responsibility to continue to provide commentary on what it means to follow the way of Christ in our ever changing world. What I want to happen: I want people to be a little more