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Last week I went through the Gallipoli exhibition at Te Papa. It was a sobering way to enter into both ANZAC day and the anniversary of the Battle of Gate Pa. What struck me was the horror, the young men caught in those battles would have been filled with such fear, hopelessness and grief as they fought against all odds to stay alive. Their lives had been turned upside down and their futures suddenly looked so bleak. In the Gospel reading today from John we join the disciples at the last supper. They too were filled with fear, hopelessness and grief. Their lives had been turned upside down and their futures look bleak. To these Jesus offers the promise that they would not be alone. In the midst of all that would happen, both in the crucifixion and beyond, they would know his presence, and they would know his peace. Jesus would have used the Aramaic for peace which is derived from the Hebrew world shalom. Wikipedia says that Shalom (שָׁלוֹם) “is a Hebrew word meaning peace, ha

George, ANZAC Day and Remembering the Battle of Gate Pa in Easter

For us at St. Georges Anglican Church at Gate Pa this is a busy time of year. We are in the middle of the Season of Easter, which lasts for 50 days. Easter is all about hope; hope that our world might live as God intended, with all loving the Lord our God with all our heart and soul and mind by loving our neighbour as ourselves. On Saturday 23 rd April we remember St. George. While George is the patron saint of England, he was not British. He was born into a Christian family of Greek decent in Palestine in about 280. He followed his father to be a tribune in the Emperor’s body guard. In 303 the Emperor Diocletian ordered all soldiers to sacrifice to him as a god, and if they refused for them to be put to death. George refused the order, and went to the Emperor to tell him that the order was wrong. He was tortured and put to death. His grave is in Israel and he is remembered today as the patron saint of all Palestinians. George challenged the Emperor’s attitudes and beliefs th

Resurrection is NOW!

Can be listened to here Gate Pa – Easter 4 2016 (Year C) Readings: Psalm                       Psalm 23                                                                   First Reading:       Acts 9:36-43                                                    Second Reading:   Rev 7:9-17 Gospel:                John 10:22-30   What I want to say: Easter is a time for us to reflect on what resurrection means for us in our daily living and our joining in mission of God. Dorcas helps us in this task What I want to happen: People to grow as people of love and generosity towards all. The Sermon      1.      Introduction: Alleluia – Christ is Risen Christ is Risen indeed, Alleluia We continue our march through Easter. This week             to help us in this journey             we are given story of Dorcas/Tabitha which is important story In book Acts             How many women are filled with the Holy Spirit?             How many women disc