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I wonder whether our government really has a plan, or just thinks cutting expenditure will solve all ills? What will the long term cost to this country be? What will the long term cost to families be? What will the cost to our industries, and to those involved in retail. As the government works hard to reduce its debt (which is not high compared to other countries, it is private debt that is the killer here) there is much less money benign put into the economy, less people working and paying taxes, less being raised on GST, which all cycles though with lower government income, and therefore the squeeze to reduce expenditure further. Services are cut further. And the wealthy keep investing off shore. Brilliant! As the rich are given more, to invest offshore, the middle class and low income are left to struggle. I fear for our trades people, that there will not be enough left int his country for when things rebound, because so many will have left for Australia?

The human cost of an earthquake

It is good to hear at last the human cost of the earthquake. The cost of having six months of aftershocks followed by another big one, and deadly one. for so long we heard how Christchurch was standing tall. The people were tough and resilient. They would rebuild. And yet for many, it has been too much. The wife of a friend of mine has gone home, for good. He has had to quit his job and look for work else where. And who would blame them? Their rental had two walls missing and was red stickered. They sneaked in to get as many of their possessions as they could. But had no where to live. The and shaking ground just keeps on shaking. She could no longer live with that. So they are gone.  They are not alone. Up to a third of Christchurch residents are gone for now. And who knows how many will return. A large percentage I am sure. But a significant number will be like my friend. And a significant number would like to be like my friend, but can't. The financial repercussions are too grea

What is really important?

Funny how a small thing like an earthquake can make such a difference. Three weeks ago I would have watched ads about coffee and liked it. Like the latest McCafe ad that states that coffee is what is really important. Now i just think "Really?" Not that important. Being alive is important. Having a family that is alive and well is important.  Having a home is important, Nice coffee is nice, makes life a little more bearable, but is not important, not essential. So all that makes me wonder, what is really important, apart from what is important. being loved, and knowing you are loved having someone to love having a safe place to sleep at night, and be in during the day having some way to keep occupied and that allows you to feed yourself and those you love. having food and water feeling safe feeling secure well, there are some ideas.