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God Provides

This sermon can be listened to here , and the whole service watched here Gate Pa – 13 th Sunday in Ordinary Time- Year A – 2020 Harvest Festival Readings: Psalm -                        Psalm: 13                                 First Reading-             Genesis 22:1-4 Second Reading -         Rom 6:12-23            Gospel -                         Matt 10:40-42           What I want to say: I want to explore the sin of not relying on God who provides, and the damage we do to our world, our communities and ourselves as a result What I want to happen: Where is the invitation for us in this harvest festival? The Sermon        1.      Introduction: There are so many themes weaving their way though our readings -          Horrific reading from Genesis – binding of Isaac -          Romans – all about communal sin -          Matthew and what it means to be an of the apostles -          In all of this we are celebrating our harvest festival -