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Blogger Buzz: Blogger integrates with Amazon Associates

Blogger Buzz: Blogger integrates with Amazon Associates

Band of Brothers

I have just finished watching Band of Brothers about Easy Company in the WWII. I really enjoyed the portrayal of those involved, the reality Spielberg brought to the story. No gun-ho heroes, just ordinary men who gave a lot for what they believed in. Flawed people who did things I struggled to agree with and yet I sit in the comfort of my living room watching this.Men who grew tired and angry that this war was even fought. I give thanks watching this that I have not had to experience what these men and so many others through the centuries have experienced. I am grateful that they did volunteer, and I grieve at what it cost them. I am grateful to those who made this series that allows me to honour all those who went to this war.

Christ the Word

I am interested in how much store we put on what we do rather than who we are. I was with someone today in Spiritual Direction where this came up. We were talking about how to be obedient to the Word, which she interpreted to mean directly applying what she read in scripture that day to her life. Not always easy! I asked her about how she experienced Christ the Word, which she was able to articulate, and then how she was obedient to the Word experienced in that way. That was a much harder thing, and yet in the end so much more life giving. God is at work in her, moulding and shaping her, inviting her into a much richer relationship with God. And yet, that is often not the focus of our attention. Instead we want to do more. Lent is surely a time to pay attention to who Christ the Word is changing us to be, how we experience God's life giving love, and to be obedient to that.

Lent - Yeah right!

So it is lent! Bishop Victoria in Christchurch recommended that we do less meetings and pray and study more. I like that idea. But in this role, the only response is "Yeah right!" Since the 18th of January this is the first week I have not been away at least part of the week attending meetings and such. And I have two weeks more of this. I long for the day Lent can be all it might, and Bishop Vitoria recommends.