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Long time no post

Where did that 2 months go. And where did that Labour government go?? I will have to suck it in and try to cope with a National led right wing governemnt. I have to say the signs are not good. Any how, what I really wanted to say was I went to a youth service last night as part of my research. On one level it was not very liturgical. Not much prayer book used if at all. But, and it si a big but in my book it followed the gather story go framework, which was cool. As I thougth about the service though I wonder about how even with the framework there needed to be more thougth about how that impacts on how we do each piece, which did not feel so good. To be fair, the guy taking it was sick, and someone else did a great job stepping up to the plate at the last moment. But it made me think about lots of services I go to, for young and not so young. And often it feels like we not so much go through the motions,(although soemtimes it does feel like that) but that we pass through without as m