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Seeing Deeply

Gate Pa – Lent 4 2014 Readings: Hebrew Scripture:          1 Sam 16:1-13                     Psalm:                                   23            Epistle:                 Eph 5:8-14            Gospel:                                John 9:1-41          What I want to say: use the gospel to ask who are the bind people, and offer the examen as a way of learning to see What I want to happen: The Sermon      1.        Introduction: Since last time – John way back Galilee from Jerusalem                                                 in Samaria talking marginalised woman since then – returned Jerusalem for a festival of Jews                 healed lame person on Sabbath then returns Galilee – now back in Jerusalem for last time                 This is a hard reading for us things get in way we bring our own assumptions about how things are blind to many of the assumptions at work in the story scientific and medical knowledge know

It’s the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine | First We Take Manhattan

Just when you thought that the global financial crisis is coming to an end, here we have a number of reports saying the worst is yet to come. As they say on star trek, "It's life Jim, but not as we know it." So if you are up for a cheerful read, and some interesting ideas on how we might survive, read this interesting little piece.  What I like about it is the offer of hope in the face of hopelessness. Kind of reminds me of what Jesus did, offering hope in the face of calamity - this is how we will get through it, start doing it now.

Listening Well

Gate Pa – Lent 3 2014 Readings: Hebrew Scripture:                          Exodus 17:1-7                     Psalm:                                                   Psalm: 95                                                         Epistle:                                 Rom 5:1-11                 Gospel:                                                John 4:5-42                  What I want to say: Explore story of Jesus and the Samaritan woman as an example of listening. Introduce the spiritual practice of sacred reading What I want to happen: People to learn to listen as did the Samaritan woman The Sermon      1.        Introduction: lot wrong with gospel reading heard                 some ways makes story very improbable                 again – this is not history                                 -not biography                 gospels, like all books written like them                                 about divine truth revealed in and