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Anglican Communion News Service: ABM welcomes change to the Marks of Mission

I was present for part of the debate about this change to the 5 Marks of Mission. (I was only allowed in if I sat very quietly, didn't approach any of the ACC members, in case I disturbed this weighty debate. I was initially told I could not hear any of it.) It is a good addition. I am also really interested in how the ABM in Australia interpret these.  I wonder how we as church stack up to these?

Israeli Deadly Force Breaks Rules |

I read this article yesterday. It is such a sad article. I feel so hopeless in the face of it. And anger.  Strangley my anger is not at the young Israelis who pull the trigger. It is for those who continue to pursue policies of violence and hate within the Israele electorate. As Israel continues to vote for parties who are only interested in ongoing violence and oppression of the Palestinian people, they continue to put 18 and 19 year olds on the front line, holding powerful automatic weapons, facing a rage born out of hopelessness. Tragically, young people on both sides are the loosers. And there seems to be nothing anyone can or wants to do about this. It seems the settlers have won the day. More land will be stolen off the Palestinian people. The two state solution will soon be inpractical. And young people will die, and be traumatised by being the killers. Such stupidity.

Mission Statements and such

  Gate Pa – Epiphany 3 2013 Readings: First Reading               Neh 8:1-3,5-6,8-10   Second Reading          1 Cor 12: 12-31a Psalm:                                     19 Gospel:                                    Luke 4:14-21 What I want to say: Explore how we might read this statement of Jesus in Luke 4,             not read it as a mission statement (as I used to understand that phrase, and as I have read this passage)             but as the way Luke invites us to understand Jesus the Word             where we are to look on-going work God today             as a way we are to understand ourselves as people of God today. (not what to do, but who we are) What I want to happen: People to continue to be shaped as people God, living out incarnation amongst people of these communities Continue to grow into results of our work last year – “Initiate conversations about living incarnationally in our streets.” The Sermon      1.       Introduction

The faithful and joyous reception of God’s word

Prayer for the Day In you, O Lord our God, we find our joy, for through your law and your prophets you formed a people in mercy and freedom, in justice and righteousness. Pour your Spirit on us today, that we who are Christ’s body may bear the good news of your ancient promises to all. This we ask through Christ, the way. Amen. Theme for the day Howard Wallace [1] describes today’s readings as being “about both the faithful and joyous reception of God’s word seen in the people, and about the faithful proclamation and interpretation of that word to the people….” Psalm 19 celebrates the ancient and silent Word shouting God’s glory in all creation,   and finishes focusing on the "law of the Lord." Nehemiah tells the story of   Ezra and the Levites reading the law those returned from exile. Luke has that Word present in the life, action and teaching of Jesus. Wallace goes on to say, “Finally, we note the response of the people to the word. In

Map writing with John

  Gate Pa – Epiphany 2 – 2013 Readings: Hebrew Scripture:       Isa 62: 1-5   Psalm:                          Psalm: 36: 5-10            Epistle:                         1 Cor 12: 1-11 Gospel:                        John 2:1-11       What I want to say: we live in a time when all maps that told us how to be a successful church no longer work need to draw new maps to do that we need to begin with the story of Jesus. What I want to happen: people to be willing to let go of how church was, and start to talk about how we are invited to be church now people to have hope in a God who is committed to us People to read scripture anew with fresh eyes. The Sermon       1.       Introduction: Wilma’s funeral – lovely celebration of special life Thank all you made service and afternoon tea so successful Privileged to be invited to burial             Maps in head said go to Pyes Pa             Conversation with +George – in town -> saw hearse tur