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Anglican Communion News Service: ABM welcomes change to the Marks of Mission

I was present for part of the debate about this change to the 5 Marks of Mission. (I was only allowed in if I sat very quietly, didn't approach any of the ACC members, in case I disturbed this weighty debate. I was initially told I could not hear any of it.)

It is a good addition. I am also really interested in how the ABM in Australia interpret these. 

I wonder how we as church stack up to these?

Israeli Deadly Force Breaks Rules |

I read this article yesterday. It is such a sad article. I feel so hopeless in the face of it. And anger. 
Strangley my anger is not at the young Israelis who pull the trigger. It is for those who continue to pursue policies of violence and hate within the Israele electorate. As Israel continues to vote for parties who are only interested in ongoing violence and oppression of the Palestinian people, they continue to put 18 and 19 year olds on the front line, holding powerful automatic weapons, facing a rage born out of hopelessness. Tragically, young people on both sides are the loosers. And there seems to be nothing anyone can or wants to do about this. It seems the settlers have won the day. More land will be stolen off the Palestinian people. The two state solution will soon be inpractical. And young people will die, and be traumatised by being the killers. Such stupidity.

Mission Statements and such

The faithful and joyous reception of God’s word

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