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He Tangata Manawanui - A Generous People

A friend, Graham Cameron was invovled in the Leadership New Zealand course this year. The course members have written a book reflecting on their experience. It can be found here. Should be a good read.

God of the Small Things

  Gate Pa – 33 rd Sunday in Ordinary Time November 18 th 2012 Readings: Hebrew Scripture: 1 Samuel 1:4-20 Psalm: 1 Samuel 2: 1-10 Epistle: Hebrews 10:11-25 Gospel: Mark 13: 1-8 What I want to say: ·          who does God work though to bring about reign of God o    What are signs of that reign? ·          God is at work through those we least expect. ·          Pay attention to the small things ·          keep an eye on the poor and marginalised because that is where God is to be found ·         What I want to happen: ·          use St. David’s “persevere with the little things to reflect on where God is to be seen in our times The Sermon      1.     Introduction:     where do we look for inspiration, for hope, for clues how to live? o    for signs of God’s activity and our salvation? o    for God’s reign of justice and peace?     story Kate in America o    woke u

Remember Parihaka | Aotearoa Indymedia

I should have re posted this on the day. But it is worth remembering even now a week late, especially after the "Treaty Gate" meeting here on Monday night. The trouble with John Ancell is that he is prone to not tell the whole story. So let us remember, and honour those who have gone before by creating a just New Zealand for all.

Lest We Forget - Armistice Day 2012

Readings: Hebrew Scripture:      Ruth 3:1-5,4:13-17     Psalm:                          Ps 127  Epistle:                        Hebrews  9:24-28 Gospel:                        Mark12: 38-44 What I want to say: We need to remember Remembrance Day, remember the courage and sacrifice of those who fought and those who left behind We need to remember that war is brutal and senseless We need to remember that our real hope is in Christ and the way of Christ, a way that seeks justice and peace for all. What I want to happen: In 2 minute silence remember wastefulness and stupidity of war, especially WW1. The Sermon        1.      Introduction: Today Armistice Day or Remembrance Day – Wonder as we gather this morning, what is it we are remembering?             On own think             Responses Cambridge military parade             stunned and sick why? isn’t it a good day? where I am coming from Comments coloured:       After WW1 family no