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Tino Tika – the Big Yes!

This sermon can be listened to here Gate Pa – Year B  Easter Sunday 2018 Readings: First Reading:                         Isaiah 25:6-9                           Second Reading:        Acts 10:34-43                          Gospel:                        Mark 16:1-8    What I want to say: The resurrection is God’s Big Yes to the way of the cross. In the way of the cross we are reminded that all people are made in the image of God and we are invited to see God’s image in all people. In the resurrection God is faithful to all the covenants, that through Israel humanity is renewed and creation restored. In the resurrection we are invited to live in the way of the cross What I want to happen: In what ways do we walk in the footsteps of those first witnesses to the resurrection? The Sermon        1.       Introduction: Version of resurrection story heard this morning from Gospel Mark is very different from others what heard this morning is all we

We walk in their footsteps

We walk in their footsteps those women so afraid of loss and grief. Afraid of life lessened and dulled. They were afeared and yet they followed all the way to the darkest places Gethsemane, Antonia Golgotha, the tomb They followed in despair farewelling life as hope unravelled. At the end Jesus was not there. Too much life to be lived, too much hope to be to be held. They were afraid those women as life erupts in love. He has gone ahead! We walk in their footsteps.