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Passing on what Mantle?

Spanky Moore - Back from Britain's fresh frontier

This is a really interesting article from Spanky. I have a lot of time for him. I attended the Kitchen several times and was really engaged with it's final incarnation. What I likes about it was that what happened on Sunday wasn't the point. What happened the rest of the week was the point, and what happened at the Kitchen helped people see that and live that out. I liked that.

What worries me about some of what he ways about Fresh Expression is that what happens on Sunday becomes the point. Mission becomes getting people to come to church. Don't get me wrong, I think what happens on Sunday, or whenever we gather as God's people, is important, but it is not the point. It should be a vehicle by which God shapes and moulds us to be a people of mission, to be a people who in Rowan Williams’ words, "find out what God is doing and join in."

I am also not as convinced as Spanky that the prayer book is redundant. But we do need to use it in more life giving ways.


What are we passing on, and to who?

Justin Duckworth | Leading The Religious Charge |

There are things that Bishop Justin thinks and says I struggle with. I really don't think he gets liturgy, or its place in shaping us as people of God. But at times he inspires me with how he has lived his life, and he helps me call into question what I seek out of life, and out of my life in God. Do I really give my best for the least? Most of the time no, sadly. Do I strive for a world where all can contribute and all can benefit? I talk about it, but strive is a heavy word. 
So well done Bishop Justin. I pray we give you the space to be who God calls you to be, and find ways of making normal boring bishop stuff happen around that.

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