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A rant about Christian Ethics

I was visiting another church last weekend, and this was in their church newsletter. “Christian Ethics In recent months the attention of the wider church leadership has been around the issue of sexuality. It is not however the only ethical issue that we need to address as Christians. In the Netherlands a 20 year old woman was voluntarily euthanised because she could not live with the abuse she had received. Abortion is a lifestyle choice in a society where casual sex is encouraged by shows like The Batchelor. Biotechnology companies are manipulating the building blocks of life in attempt to control disease but also to make a great deal of money while most of the world is living in poverty. Maybe this issue of sexuality will bring the rest bubbling to the surface and force us to address them. It would be easy to worry, but we can have faith that our God is working through all things.” I was interested in this reflection for what it raised as the issues of Christian Ethi

Our Budget - some random, poorly thought out and not well researched reactions.

Yesterday was our budget day. Here are some random, poorly thought out and not well researched reactions. 1. Increase in tobacco prices – some smokers were outraged and said they would keep smoking. Fine. That is there choice. This simply means that I as a tax payer will have to pay for less of their health care. Smokers cost us a fortune in increased health care. And now they are paying for it. One of the few times I like user pays. But they choose to smoke with all the health risks. So I think it is fair that they pay ahead for their health care and other services they are more likely to need as a result of this choice. 2. Housing – Councils will be forced to release more land. This will magically make housing affordable. But I have some questions about this. Housing needs to be planned for. These houses do not stand alone with no services. There are big issues for councils and for rate payers in all this. Issues like water, sewage, roading, waste water management, flo

Some Thoughts on Crete - honouring those who have gone before

Mount RSA – 75 th Anniversary of Battle of Crete Readings: Reading:          Isaiah 2:4                    What I want to say: What does it mean to commemorate this battel? Isit enough to just remember it? Or is it something more? Suggests it is to work for a world where no more young men and women need go off to fight in foreign lands, where swords are into ploughshares, and their spears into pruning-hooks; nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more The Sermon      1.      Introduction: Ki te matekai tou hoariri, whangainga ki te matewai, whakainumia Tihei Mauri ora I am John Hebenton Vicar of St. Georges Anglican Church Gate Pa on the hill of Pukehinahina by Mega mitre 10 on Cameron Road Scene of one last battle of New Zealand land wars Battle helped create our city like battle remember today filled tragic stories and stories courage and grace      2.      The Battle of Crete Today we gath

Some thoughts on the Trinity from our Archbishop from some years ago.

In May 2007, Bishop Philip, now Archbishop Philip wrote this for the Waikato – Taranaki Ad Clerum. I offer you this as we again engage with the concept of the Trinity. “ As I write this we stand between the feast of Pentecost and Trinity Sunday, between our celebration of the birth and empowering of the Church in the power of the Holy Spirit and our acknowledgement that while experienced as three, God is indivisible in purpose and action. Putting words around this experience and understanding of God as Three in One is challenging. There is a story told of Augustine of Hippo who was taking his summer holiday along the North African seashore. Walking along the water's edge on a delightful day, he was pondering the mystery of the Trinity. All this genius was getting for his efforts was a severe headache. Finally, he thought he was coming close to breaking the code of the mystery. Suddenly at his feet was a boy of five.   The Bishop asked him what he was doing.   The young