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Christmas in 3 Words

Gate Pa – Year C - Christmas Day 2018, Readings: First Reading:                           Isaiah 9:2-7                                   Gospel:                         Luke 2:1-20                                          What I want to say: Christmas is important but it is not the point; Christmas is dangerous; Christmas depends on you and me. What I want to happen: People to live all the Christmas story beyond Christmas day by living God’s compassion, generosity, justice; joining in the ongoing work of bringing in the reign God’s peace, hope, joy, love. The Sermon         1.      Introduction: This Christmas I want to offer you three phrases to help you think about Christmas beyond today, -          beyond the presents -          good food -          time with family and friends -          Christmas decorations        2.      Christmas is important by its not the point Christmas is important cele

Dangerous Love

This sermon can be listened to here Gate Pa – Year C 4 th Sunday in Advent 2018 Readings: Psalm                          The Song of the Blessed Virgin Mary       First Reading :                         Micah 5:2-5                                         Second Reading :                    Hebrews 10:5-10                                 Gospel :                                    Luke 1:39-45                                       What I want to say: How doe Marys song help us understand and live out God’s love What I want to happen: Live God's dangerous love The Sermon        1.      Introduction: here we are – 4 th week of Advent keep saying -          Christmas is important but not the point -          Advent we prepare for Christ of history, mystery and majesty we have lit the candles for peace, hope joy and now love so what is love? what is it where do you