Attaching to Mothers, God, and Each Other

Gate Pa – Year B   6 th Sunday of Easter, 2021 Readings: Psalm                          Psalm 98                                                                   First Reading:              Acts 10:44-48                     Second Reading:         1 John 5:1-6                        Gospel:                           John 15:9-17                  What I want to say: I want to use John Bowlby’s work on Attachment Theory to explore the importance of mothers (and others). And to see how this might us explore what it means to be grafted as branches into the vine of God and what that might mean for how we live our faith. Use the Acts story as an example of what I am talking about What I want to happen: What kind of love do we trust and abide in What kind of love do we seek to pass on? The Sermon        1.      Introduction: Happy Mother’s Day Ü Day celebration for many Ü Day to be mindful of all those for whom this is not a good day. Ü Day to giv