What a Ride! - Thankyou and Goodbye!

You can listen to this sermon here   Gate Pa - Ascension Sunday and Easter 7 Year B, 2024 Readings: Palm                            Psalm 1 First Reading:             Acts 1:1-11, 15-17,21-26                     Bible Page 884 Second Reading:        1 John 5:9-13                                       Bible Page 991 Gospel:                         John 17:6-19                                        Bible Page 879 What I want to say: A sermon to say thankyou -           To explore the process we are all going through – and that it is ok -           Use the ascension to invite us all to trust God in all this -           Offer some thoughts about what the future might be What I want to happen: People to embrace all that the liminal space might offer with thankfulness, hope and trust. The Sermon 1.      Introduction: Pancake Monday in 2012 – nearly 12 ½ years ago Bishop David Rice installed me as vicar of Gate Pa Telling everyone I didn’t know much about vicaring -          Outraged some

A Final Sunday Theme as Vicar of Gate Pā

There is a lot happening today. First, happy Mother’s Day to all mothers. May you know God’s joy and goodness this and every day. And for those for whom this is not a good day, may you know God’s peace. I wonder how our experiences of either being a mother, or of our mothers, help us reflect more deeply on the motherhood of God and how we live out God’s love each day? The theme for this Sunday is being on the edge of big change. Thursday was Ascension Day, the day we mark the Ascension of the crucified and risen Christ to the Godhead. Too easily we forget it. We often don’t know what to do with it. And yet it invites us to have our minds blown by the fully human, crucified, and risen Jesus, in all his full, created, creaturely, humanity, ascending into the full presence of the Godhead. Our humanity mingles with the divine, just as God’s divinity mingled with our humanity in the Incarnation. That leads to big changes for those disciples in how they lived God’s love. It offers hope in

Whirlpools into Abiding

You can listen to this sermon here  Gate Pa – Year B   6 th Sunday of Easter, 2024 Readings: Psalm                          Psalm 98 First Reading:              Acts 10:44-48  Second Reading:         1 John 5:1-6 Gospel:                         John 15:9-17 What I want to say: The writer of John’s gospel is not a linear Greek thinker. He presents Jesus using older circular ways of teaching – circling around a topic, with each pass going deeper into the abundance of layers of meaning, into the abundance at the heart of the message, How does this help us be open to all the image of Jesus the true vine, we are the branches offers as we continue this season of having our minds blown and letting our imaginations run wild. What I want to happen: How might we learn about love by supporting each other in this time of grief and loss? How might that open us up to the possibilities of this moment? The Sermon       1.     Introduction: The way Jesus is presented in J