Immersed in the Ways of God

Gate Pa – 2nd Sunday in Advent- Year A = 2019  Readings: Psalm -          Psalm: 72:1-7, 18-19                                        
Reading-       Isaiah 11:1-10                                                 
Gospel -         Matthew 3:1-12  
What I want to say:Introduce Advent and baptism as time to be immersed into the values and practices of the way of God - living out God’s will being done on earth as in heaven. Use the video from
What I want to happen:
·What does God’s will look like?
·How does Advent help us live it out? The Sermon      1.Introduction:Advent
-4 Sundays before Christmas
-Time preparation
-Temptation is to see it as time preparation Christmas
oLike lent is for Good Friday and Easter
-Much bigger

Shalom - Peace