Wednesday, December 01, 2010

U2 - Mount Smart, November 2010

U2 2010

“One man betrayed with a kiss.”
A line in a song
Sung on a TV
Heard so long ago.
A small line that sparked
A love
Like a mole
Going down
Higher now
In the sky
A line sung again
Crushed in and lifted
Amongst the many who loved as well.
Giving word to my hopes
A song to my dreams.
I know I have touched angel lips
Felt the healing finger tips
But I still haven’t found what I am looking for.
Drawn back to the poetry
Quickened by the fast paced edgy guitar
Driven by bass and drum
Made aware again
Of the rhythm of my soul.
I sing again
“One man betrayed with a kiss.”

Tikanga Youth Exchange

On Monday of next week I will be flying to Fiji with about 30 others from Aotearoa for Tikanga Youth Exchange and the launch of the launch of the Youth Yeah for the Diocese of Polynesia. All up 130 young people and leaders from 5 countries are expected in Suva for a week of learning about what it means to be a three Tikanga Anglican church, how we, led by God's Spirit have sought to incarnate the gospel in each culture that is part of our church, and yet seek to still be one together. Cool stuff.

Anyhow, there will be live blogs, picture galleries put up each day, and interviews with speakers and participants posted each day. Check it out. Keep up to date. Pray for us.