Wednesday, January 26, 2011

CWS statement on Government funding

This was in an email I received just before Christmas. It saddens me to see how new Zealand is slowly pulling back on any commitments to the UN Millennium Developments Goals and Poverty Eradication under the guidance of Murry MCully. I never thought I would say it, but I miss Winston as our Foreign Affairs Minister .

CWS statement on Government funding
17 December 2010
At 65 years Christian World Service is at the crossroads.  On Thursday December 16, CWS received notice that only one of its six applications for government funding was successful.  Ama Takiloa in Tonga is an effective organisation that is a broad ranging programme to improve the livelihoods of local people.  So are the other partner groups but for reasons unclear to CWS they did not receive funding.  CWS has a strong track record of effective partnership relationships and has always received very positive reviews for its work from independent and government development experts.  With other agencies that have been similarly affected, we are writing to the government to express our concern about what has happened and asking for fair process based on good development practice.  More information is available on the website:

In the short term this means that we need to raise much more money in an effort to meet the commitments we have made to all our long term partners.  They are doing vital work helping poor communities and their future is now in jeopardy.  This is not the message we want to give them at Christmas so we are asking for your help.  You may like to contact the government expressing your concern, but more than anything we ask you if you are able, to give generously to this year’s Christmas Appeal and encourage your friends and neighbours to do the same.  With your help, we can Share the Care with those who need it the most. 

Auckland Grammar and NCEA

Happy new year to any one who reads this.
I drove past Auckland Grammar today. Boys were lurking in their uniform, ready for another year. Wait, most schools go back next week! so what was that about?
Any how, I did laugh at this pretentious school last week. They are so wanting to be a private church school without the church stuff (like a few church schools really).
Any how again, I laughed at the rationale given last week as to why they were encouraging their boys year 11 level to not do NCEA and to do Cambridge exams instead. because ti will motivate them! really! My experience of being a boy, of teaching 15 year old boys, and watching our boy is, yeah right! all they will do is slack of all year, and so enough at the end of the year to do well enough. their marks may be higher. But what will they learn? isn't that what schools are really about, learning and not the grades?

My daughter has rightly pointed out that your school marks count for very little once you have left and begun further education. What counts then is how much you have learnt, and the skills you have learnt about how to work effectively through out the year. I wonder if what Grammar are suggesting will in fact serve those boys very well in the long term?