Friday, August 26, 2005

Here I am away again

The reason for the silence is that I am now on study leave, and have been struggling to get everything doen that needed to get doen before I left.

I am currently in England at the International Centre for Franciscan Studies in Canterbury.
My timetable for the next 9 weeks looks soemthing like this:

Week One
Wednesday August 24
Fly to London

Friday August 26 – September 4
Attend the Inter Provincial Third Order Chapter of the Society of Saint Francis. I am one of three New Zealanders attending.

Week Two
Tuesday Sept 6 to Friday Sept 9
Fly from London Heathrow to Rome, and then train to Assisi with the two other New Zealanders.

Saturday Sept 10
Train to Rome
Stay overnight

Week Three
Sunday Sept 11
Fly Easy Jet from Rome to Geneva; and then catch the TGV to Taizé in France

Sunday Sept 11-18
in Taize

Week Four
Sunday Sept 18
return to Geneva

Monday Sept 19 – Wed 21
In Geneva

Wed Sept 21
Fly Easy Jet flight To Belfast

Week Five
Thursday Sept 22 – Sunday Oct 2
In Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland hosted by David Brown, the Anglican Church of Ireland’s Youth Officer.

Week Six
Monday Oct 3 – Tuesday 4
London with Pete Ball, the Church of England Youth Officer

Wednesday Oct 5
My wife Bonnie arrives at Heathrow airport

Thursday Oct 6

Week Seven
Friday Oct 7 – Friday Oct 14
Travel around Scotland

Saturday Oct 15
Travel to Iona from Glasgow

Week Eight
Saturday Oct 15 – Friday Oct 21

Friday Oct 21
Travel from Iona to Glasgow

Week Nine
Saturday Oct 22 – Sunday or Monday Oct 23 or 4
Travel back down to London

Tuesday Oct 25
Fly home from London

Thursday Oct 27
Arrive in NZ

I will use this site to blog my reflections. All I can say so far is that I am sick, and quite tired.
More tomorrow

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Excellent Bite Simon

I am not sure about your assumptions. In fact I think some of them are wrong (if I may be so bold). The early church, especially the church that came out of Judaism would have had liturgy. Even the gentile church did. Some of that can be found in the New Testament. And they did have scripture - the first or old testament.

But, I don’t want to get hung up on the liturgy thing. I think when done well liturgy offers us an entry point into a whole different way of being and of seeing the world. It allows us to breathe scripture, and to connect in a quite deep way with how Christians have met and worshiped for 2000 years. I think that that is profound and very life changing. It invites simple heart felt worship

But I am not wanting liturgy as we have always done it at all costs.

I think what the early church did was to read the scripture as they had it, and as it developed (with Paul’s letters, other letters, and then the beginnings of the gospels) they also told stories, and used some of the above as music. The reconnected with the story of the people of God, and placed their story in the middle of it. They remembered by breaking bread and sharing a cup - badly at times according to Paul. From Paul we get a more honest picture, and less romantic. Yes at times it was raw and powerful. Some times it was just bad.

I have been at services with a simple liturgy where the worship for me any way was heart felt. I have been in non liturgical worship where the music was powerful and I was moved to just leave. It was contrived crap.

So, I think Simon and I are saying similar things in some ways. We need to find new and engaging ways to be church, and to worship as church. And there are no simple answers we can import. We need to do the work for ourselves.