Sunday, March 05, 2006

Gremio and 4 Eva, and thanks

I might have missed out on the three quarters naked woman dancing the samba, (which was probably no bad thing really) but I have seen some amazing samba floats on TV. And I have experienced the real Brazil. I have been to a soccer game. Gremio, champions of the world (once, long ago) playing Santa Cruz! What an amazing fun time. Singing, chanting, drumming, flags, fights, and outstanding good soccer. And the good ones don't even play here! Scary stuff.

Gremio for ever!! Gremio is the club Ronaldinho comes from in Brazil.
tomorrow I preach at the Cathedral on the theme of Life: a Radical Adventure. Somehow I get Francis onto there, surprise surprise! Tonight I met up with some of the local people struggling to form a Third Order area. I really enjoyed being this part of my family.

Our time is here is nearly over. It has been a great two weeks. I have experienced such hospitality, care and love. I have eaten amazingly yummy food lunch and dinner each day. I have enjoyed this whole eating at 10pm thing. I have loved the coffee (no milk, but heaps of sugar) and all the sweet and yummy things they serve. To go home will be hard from this point of view. But to return to my family will be the best.

Thank you Brazil!

Friday, March 03, 2006


The Steering Committee of the International Anglican Youth Network has just finished their meeting. We have worked hard on a whole raft of things including:


- getting a newsletter out

- designing a logo

- getting a website up and getting something on the ACC website.


We are planning to run a gathering for Provincial youth Staff and at least one young person from each Anglican Province in September 2007 in England. The agenda is to hear what is happening among young people and young adults around the world, to develop the network, and to prepare a workshop to be run with the bishops at the Lambeth Conference to be held in 2008. We have no money, but it is an exciting thing to aim at!! Any ideas on where we can find 100,000 pounds???

New York and the UN

We are also needing to choose two reps (aged 18-30) from each region (Asia, Latin America, Africa, Europe including the Middle east and Oceania) to attend an Anglican young adults gathering at the UN in in New York in June this year, all expenses paid. Man I wish I was 30 again!Any young people; out there with thoughts and reactions

This has been a good meeting. One of the joys was for some of us to attend the two meetings of Anglican young people at the WCC. There was a strong groups of Latin American youth and leaders, who were invited to our meeting. Aelid from Cuba was able to attend,a and also joined us for several of our outings. She is pictured with us (minus Sarah who was sick)

The generosity of the Brazilian church has been absolutely outstanding. To receive this level of hospitilaty is life giving really. I have been the convenor, and have really enjoyed the task. Sam Dessordi from Brazil has been duly elected the next convenor.

Although we all speak English to some degree, the language issue has been made starkly clear at the WCC and here. So we will need to at least translate some of all we do into Spanish, and if possible Portuguese, French and Chinese. Whew! So much for the church of England!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

some images

famous hotel, now a cultural centre. very cool

city scenes from on top of the gassometer museum looking up from the river edge to where we are staying. River behind and city to the left

the cathedral (anglican) and some of those who have looked after us so well

inside the wcc plenary hall

my downfall - chocolate pizza.
this one is choclate and coconut.
also had chocolate and icecream, chocolate and nuts, and white chocolate