Friday, February 27, 2009

Rant about politicians

I feel the need to rant about our Government. I actually have some time for John Key. He is a moderate, on the liberal side. But his co-cabinet members scare me to death.

For example, with Crusher Collins at the helm, why would anyone want to work at Corrections? And we need good people to stick around and feel valued, not dumped on at every possible moment for political gain.

Tony Ryall and Paula Bennet stopped conferences, without ever telling us how much it cost us tax payers to stope the conferences in cancelled air fares, cancellation fees for the venues, lost deposits etc. I know about some of this stuff, I once tried to cancel an event, and found it was cheaper to hold it. We still made a loss, but it was about half what we would have made if we had called it off. So what did these called off conferences cost the tax payer? And what galls me is that is seems it was all done because they (Tony and Paula) know best and don’t need people who work in the field to tell them anything. If you were a health professional, (not a doctor, Tony likes doctors) you would be worried about how much say you might have in the future) So while John Key tries to engage with a wide variety of stakeholders, these cabinet ministers shut down discussion. Maybe if the conferences had been called a summit it might have been different. So what is the difference again?

Now our new Education Minister really annoys me. One night we had the news item that school canteens no longer need to sell healthy food. Schools could decide for themselves. Then in the ad break there was an ad about how there is nothing more important than the health of our children. Yeah right, try telling Anne that. Clearly keeping Canteens very profitable is way more important. Then Governments don’t have to fund as much. People are slowly becoming less important and money more and more important. Today cancer experts told us diet and exercise could prevent a huge percentage of colon and breast cancers. Will Anne budge??

And with Bulldog Bill English you just know the new right (now old right) economic policies of the 1980’s and 90’s are back. And they didn’t work so well then. That is when there was a massive blow-out in the gap between rich and poor, and our pay and condition fell so far behind Australia. And so now TVNZ can’t make so many NZ made programming and news anymore, Bill wants a higher return from them. I thought TVNZ was about good TV, but no, ti is about money, again. While I applaud Tony Ryall's (well, The Ministry of Health) investment in the Plunket line, (I never did get why Labour wouldn’t do that) I am left fearful about the future with this bunch of neo conservatives at the helm.

And while I am ranting, how dare Labour say the government should not interfere with the moving of a contract for army clothing to china. That is the kind of arrogance that got them kicked out. It appals me that government agencies constantly go offshore to buy products that can be made here, and could help our businesses, and help our trade deficit. When does the caring for people begin!

I feel better now!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

It is Lent already

So it is lent.

Lent is often seen as a time of repentance and giving up stuff. But the ancient Irish, who kind of invented this whole penitence thing didn’t see this as a time of just giving up things for the sake of giving them up, but of building virtues. So, they would identify their vices, and then pray about the virtues they wanted to build up which were the opposite of those vices. They would then spend lent working on the virtues, or developing good spiritual habits.
So this lent, I will again stop playing computer games in order that I might pray more, and spend more time with my family and on work stuff including the dissertation.
Part of the prayer thing is to again work on praying each day, and to say night prayer at night, cos I would really like to get into the habit of doing that.

And I will also blog at least once a week. That would be a good habit to get into.
Two habits built out of the time wasted on games.

I am looking forward to that.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Fat People

This is like a confession really. There is a woman I know, who is about my age, maybe younger (which is not hard to do) who is really really overweight (morbidly obese I think it is called) and who smokes heavily. She is really unwell, and has been for a while. Her lungs must be a mess really: really squashed and small, and choked with smoke. Last year she had bad bronchitis. But as far as I can see looking at her and her daughter she has not stopped smoking and has not done anything about her weight. As you might tell, I struggle to be nice around her. Her cough is appalling. No compassion at all!!

The other day she collapsed. She is now in hospital; her condition is critical but stable. When I heard about this I thought two things. One is, well this was coming. The other was, "where is my compassion here? How do I know what she has or has not tried to do? Why am I so quick to judge?"

I hope and pray she recovers, which is by no means certain. I hope and pray that she does loose weight and stops smoking, for her daughter’s sake, so her daughter has a mum around. (Her daughter is in her early teens) But I also hope and pray that I will not judge what ever happens, that I will have compassion, be full of mercy, full of Christ's love for her. O that is so hard.