It begins with darkness.

It begins with darkness. The darkness of defeat. The darkness of hope crushed on a cross by all the powers and rulers that glitter in this world. God’s compassion and generosity tortured to death by the idols of empire, military might, wealth and rigid religious adherence. The idols of money left the poor to struggle each day for food, for life, for a place. The idols of self-absorption abandoned the sick along with the widow and orphan. The idols of pride condemned all those we deem not worthy. As Christ died our idolatry celebrated. The way of the servant king, the way of God’s justice died on that cross. The sin of idolatry shackles us tighter and leaves us blind in the darkness.
But now it is dawn. The shackles are broken. The power of idolatry that seemed victorious is shattered. God is true to the covenant with this world and God’s people. Resurrection does not just happen on the last day. It began with Jesus. It continues with Mary – the one who preached the first resurrection sermon. It continues with us.
Whose resurrection do we celebrate this Easter Sunday?  Are we able to stand with Mary and proclaim –“I have seen the Lord”!