Today I went to an ANZAC day remembrance service. I don't think I have been to an RSA one before. I only went because my daughter, as head girl of the local college was the guest speaker with the head boy.
War for me is largely senseless. Most wars we as New Zealanders have fought in have been stupid, and badly managed. Even Gallipoli which sparked the whole ANZAC thing and gave us the date was run by a bunch of largely incompetent generals who let their men die needlessly.

yet most of those who went did so believing the war was right. And they gave their all. So it is right to go and remember them, and what these wars cost them, and to give thanks I have never had to be in such a situation, and to pray and hope none of my children will ever have to go and fight in a war either.

As I write this I am reminded of those 18 year old Israeli soldiers guarding the checkpoints on the West bank, all the time knowing that a suicide bomber could come and kill them. The hard line attitudes and failure to work for peace, real peace costs so many young people so much.

We will remember them, and work to make sure there are no more.


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