A Frustrating Week

Another busy week, and a frustrating week. I note that when I am tired I do not focus very well, and so I waste a lot of time. I wasted a lot of time this week, and have not done much visiting. So frustrating!!

My biggest mistake was making an appointment to see someone for coffee on Monday. I should have held off a day. I really needed a whole day off. It has cost me.
I have however had an impromptu finance meeting, and am not feeling so anxious about money. We do need to be careful and we do need a mini stewardship campaign, but we are doing OK at the moment.
I have also met with the music people and chosen music for the next 5 weeks, which is cool. That takes quite a bit of time, but is well worth the effort. I am feeling good about what is happening with the music. That makes one of us.

I also had supervision, which was helpful.
yesterday I spent the day working on the services for Sunday, including a thing on being missional for the pew sheet, and a sermon and "why on earth we would want to use Te Reo Maori in our services?" I also worked up a wee PowerPoint for that. It took longer than it should, but it is now done.

Today we had preschool music, and danced with our parachute, and played magic play dough. All I need to do now is finish the children's activity and we will all be done.
Tomorrow we have our Regional Conference. An annual event where all the parishes get together and, well I am not sure what we do. Next week I will blog about that. But it is a whole day away, and no day off. Rats. I can't even have an early night tonight because there is more Olympic gold to be won. Yahoo


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